Yoga Facial Exercise : How to Reduce Mouth Wrinkles, Laugh Lines – VitaLife Show Episode 126

Yoga Facial Exercise : How to Reduce Mouth Wrinkles, Laugh Lines – VitaLife Show Episode 126

Welcome to the Vitalife show. I’m doctor
Janine Bowring
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facial lines and using facial exercises
and facial yoga so be
sure to check out because we go through
all the different lines that may develop
on the face today we’re focusing in on
mouth wrinkles and the laugh lines
so the nasal labial
folds for a lot of women as they are
this tends to be an area in which they
develop very
deep furrows this of course ages
someone very quickly
so this can be avoided and minimized
with using facial exercise which I’ll be
sharing with you now
First and formost one of my favorite
is called the puffer fish so all you’re
gonna do basically is
puff-up your cheeks and in doing so
you’re actually pushing out the wrinkle
from the inside out so I’m going to

and I know I look really silly in doing this
I love this and you do too so I want you
to join me we’re going to do it again
you should do about 20 of these
repetitions you can do this twice a day
or you know do in your car when you’re
driving you’ll get
a lot of great funny looks from people, its
really easy to do
and what it’s doing it again it’s helping in stretch out those wrinkles from the
inside out
so lets do the puffer fish. Ready lets go

So again about 20 repetitions if
you can hold it much longer than I
am then
certainly do that and you’ll see as
you’re building up the strength in the
muscle of the face you’ll be able to
hold it longer and longer
so next for the nasal labial folds were going to actually
push on the area where the wrinkles are
and do a smile this will help to strengthen
out the muscles that are around the mouth so basically you’re just going to
gently place your fingers
in the folds or in the wrinkle that you
may be developing
and smile.
you can actually
press quite firmly because what you’re
doing is you’re creating
resistant against those muscle so the
muscles have something that they need to
be pushing
against. Again do about 20 repetitions of this
and you will see a difference the more that
you do these exercises
of course just like working out you know any
muscle on the body the more you do it
the more
that you start to see that definition and the
lifting affect
of doing the facial exercises now the
thing I’ll share with you is actually
doing a massage
of acupuncture points so these are a
point on the large intestine meridian
and so I believe it or not are actually
connected to your digestive tract
and so the first one is just beside the nose
and if you press down you can actually
feel a bit of depression right beside your nostril on both sides so
press down and do a small circular
in this area can be quite painful
especially if you have a blockage in
this meridian
and blocked energy or block chi.
what you do
is you gently massage this area this
actually helps to drain the sinuses so if you tend to have
sinuses that are plugged. This is a great
again can do this for about 30 seconds
the next point if you go down just a
little bit you feel another almost
like a little hole, a depression
usually right where you a lot of women
and men as well we’ll start to develop
the lines here so this is another large
intestine point
its called large intestine number 19 and again just put your fingers
in there
and do small outward circle massaging the chi, the energy and what this does
you can actually feel it
is it brings a lot of circulation to
area circulation is the healing
property this is what we all need
to help to maintain and build our
collagen levels so
a great exercise again for reducing
and minimizing the marionette lines or those
smile lines
and again always building our collagen
from the inside out
I created the Vitatree Hair Skin and
Nails Formula to do this
completely natural whole food ingredients to
help stimulate your collagen
formation, as we age
we don’t get these nutrients in our diet
anymore it’s so important that were
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helping to slow down the aging process
I always say beauty starts
from within so you really have to feed
yourself and nourish yourself from the
out do the exercises do the facial
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Yoga Facial Exercise : How to Reduce Mouth Wrinkles, Laugh Lines - VitaLife Show Episode 126

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