What I Eat in a Day | Easy, Healthy Vegan Meals – 7 Ingredients or Less

What I Eat in a Day | Easy, Healthy Vegan Meals – 7 Ingredients or Less

( ♪ upbeat music playing ♪)
(hear bowls sliding in)
(chopping sounds)

all right let’s see if i can do this here so just 
to be like completely honest with you guys i don’t  
okay i thought i could hold this and i can’t so 
let me try to sit this down all right hold on  
oh gosh uh all right we’re good 
here all right that thing is just so  
heavy um what was i gonna say oh so i was gonna 
start off and say that uh to be honest um i don’t  
typically eat breakfast i wake up and i’m not 
usually hungry so i’ll have a glass of water  
and that typically holds me over until what 
is i guess lunch time for most people i  
always joke and say like i’m somewhere between 
like intermittent fasting and intuitive eating  
because when i am hungry my body is like girl you 
need to eat and so those mornings i do on mornings  
where i do feel like i need to eat in the 
winter time i typically go for like a warm  
bowl of oatmeal and my current fave is 
this warm apple cinnamon oatmeal it is  
so good i cannot eat cold things in the winter i 
just can’t i spend the rest of the day freezing if  
i do have a lapse of judgment and i eat something 
cold i will spend the rest of the day looking like  
this it’s so cold babe i need another blanket 
it’s still cold i’m cold somebody wore me up
just cold all day literally the whole day so 
uh yeah warm oatmeal toast tofu scramble those  
are like my go-to things in the winter 
when i am feeling hungry for breakfast
(sounds of containers sliding in)

we typically always have rice in our fridge some 
may call it lazy i personally say it’s brilliant  
and it’s just because like i have a house to run i 
am helping to run a very quickly growing business  
um we homeschool like for real homeschool not 
like virtual school like a lot of people have been  
doing for the last year like we’ve been in this 
game for a long time not too long because our kids  
aren’t that old but you guys get the point we like 
legit homeschool anywho i i can’t be bothered with  
like meal prep like for the whole week in one day 
but i will always like double or triple the amount  
of rice because we eat rice a few times a week 
so that to me is like something that’s simple but  
it’s brilliant and it just helps me a little bit 
for like lunches or sometimes dinners for the week  
and it just makes things go a lot faster i love 
rice bowls especially at lunch because you can  
basically just like use whatever you have that 
on hand like you have extra tofu in your fridge  
cool at it you have black beans in your fridge 
cool add it stew or curry that was left over  
it’s basically just like elevating your 
leftovers for some type of meal and uh  
and you can always just like you can add like 
a vegetable or two like avocados or tomatoes  
or marinated onions or something like that and 
you basically even if you don’t have rice and  
you have like quick cook rice in your in your 
fridge or not your fridge your pantry like you  
can basically have lunch ready to go in like 15 
or 20 minutes like easy peasy no fuss no worries
(sounds of containers sliding in)
(sounds of chopping)
(sounds of chopping)

listen before this pandemic happened i was 
tired these kids keep us on our toes but now  
it’s like it’s a whole new level of tired 
and if you are a mom during this pandemic  
then you know exactly what i’m talking about 
without saying anything else um before then  
i couldn’t be bothered with meals that took longer 
than 30 minutes it’s why i love my instant pot and  
my crock pot because it’s like 15 20 minutes 
of prep time and then it’s like bam see you at  
dinner time i love meals like that during the day 
here there is so much talking don’t get it twisted  
i love the laughs and the giggles and the fun 
and the family and all of that stuff but listen
do you hear that
(quietly) silence
i don’t get much of that during the 
day so when it comes to dinner time  
my brain cells are pretty much depleted for 
the day and i need something that is quick  
but filling and comforting that is going to 
get them to go to sleep quickly so like tacos  
skillet meals stir fries things like that that 
take basically a little bit of prep time and a  
little bit of cook time those are our go-to meals 
throughout like the entire week we want something  
that is quick but also that is like filling and 
nourishing and gets all of the things that we  
need into our bodies every day hey we really hope 
that you liked this video uh we try to keep these  
super realistic very normal for what our family 
eats and you know not a lot of like exotic things  
or anything that you might not be able to 
find everywhere these are affordable within  
our budgets where we live and we do realize that 
it might not be affordable for everyone depending  
on where you live around the world but we do 
appreciate you taking time to watch these and  
we hope that you really like them if you haven’t 
we would love if you could give this video a like  
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so have a great day and remember to smile bye guys

What I Eat in a Day | Easy, Healthy Vegan Meals - 7 Ingredients or Less

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