TRUE – Day 5 – HIGH | Yoga With Adriene

TRUE – Day 5 – HIGH  |  Yoga With Adriene

– Hey everyone and welcome to TRUE,
Your 30 Day Yoga Journey, I’m
Adriene and today is day five.
That’s right, you did it.
You’re here, I’m here, let’s do it.
Let’s get high.
Natural high.
Let’s get started.
(gentle upbeat music)
All right my friends,
let’s begin in a nice comfortable seat.
Sit up nice and tall.
And today let’s allow the hands
to rest gently on the knees,
or the tops of the thighs here to start.
Take a moment to get settled in
then just take a nice
big breath of gratitude,
appreciation, the hardest
part is showing up.
Day 5, you’ve done it, you’re here.
So let’s do it.
Find what feels good.
Drop the chin to the chest,
start to feel that stretch
through the back of the neck.
Activate the upper back
body, gaze is down.
Take a deep breath in
and a long breath out.
Then slowly rock your left
ear over your left shoulder.
Lengthen through the crown,
draw the shoulders away
from the ears here.
Sit up nice and tall and here as you begin
to gently deepen your breath,
see if you can just cultivate a little bit
of energy perhaps, from the pelvic floor
from yesterday’s practice and study.
It’s all a big self-study.
Then slowly, draw a line
with your nose to center
and look up, then you’re
going to lean back,
way back, having your hands
on the knees can help out a bit here.
You’re gonna lean back and lift the chest,
so notice we’re not doing the head back,
kind of 80’s style thang.
That’s so out, so not in right now.
But we’re creating length and
it can feel a little awkward,
but if you close your eyes
and think of your neck as
an extension of the spine,
it’s not as awkward.
Makes a lot of sense.
To me anyway.
Okay, take one more breath,
also opening up through
that throat chakra here,
finding your voice, what do
you want to say this year?
And then slowly bring
the nose back to center.
And now take your right ear
over the right shoulder.
Start to notice your breath a little more.
And just by bringing your awareness,
your attention to your breath,
that you can see how it starts to soften
and deepen just naturally.
And we begin to soften
and deepen the breath
that starts to change the way we feel,
it has an effect, bring to
the chin to the chest slowly,
back to center, chin to chest,
start to affect our nervous system.
Great then one more breath here.
Chin to chest, I’ll take
the hands to the heart,
bowing the heads to hands,
the mind intelligence to
the body intelligence.
And slowly release back up.
All right, synchronizing breath
with movement is key, key, key today.
So we’re going to start off nice and low
and then we’ll work out way up.
Fingertips are gonna go out,
inhale to reach for the sky,
big breath, nice slow breath.
Fingertips kiss up and overhead
and then slow exhale as you lower down.
Inhale to reach it up,
and exhale lower.
Now see if you can really
synchronize your movement
with the breath.
Inhale to reach up high.
Nice long exhale, slow movement.
And one more time.
We’re going to slowly move
forward into all fours,
right into your cat-cow again same concept,
synchronizing movement and breath.
Right away, if you’d like,
you can start to extend your exhalation,
see if you can make your
exhale a little bit longer
than your inhale.
Your movement will follow suit.
So as you’re ready, dropping the belly,
inhaling, opening the chest.
Exhaling, rounding through,
make it nice and slow and long.
Hey you, listen to the
sound of your breath.
Maybe activating that ujjayi
breath, that ocean sound,
And I can link to that video
down below if you like,
if you want to check out the
Foundations of Ujjayi Breath.
(deep breathing)
Do one more cycle nice and slow.
And exhale.
All right, check it out,
drop the elbows where the hands are.
Same movement, keep the
knees where they are,
we inhale but elbows are down.
Drop the belly, just like in cow pose,
tailbone goes way up towards
the sky and then exhale round.
Chin to chest,
keep pressing into the
tops of the feet, inhale.
Drag the elbows back,
open your heart, exhale.
Then catch the waves of
your breath here, inhaling.
And see if you can make
that exhale slower,
see if there’s anything out there.
Great, then even it out.
And from here you’re gonna
walk into your puppy posture,
so keep the hands where they are,
you’re gonna walk the knees
back, (center myself on that),
and then melt your heart to the earth,
open the shoulders,
forehead comes to the mat,
and you’re here for three breaths,
listen to them,
see if you can begin now to
really extend that exhale.
Then draw your navel up
slowly walk it back in,
come to the neutral
spine table top position,
press away from your yoga mat,
inhale in, exhale,
curl the toes under,
lift up from your center of gravity.
So your center of gravity lifts up
and we let the knees
hover above the ground,
press away from your yoga mat,
look forward just slightly,
we’re here for five, breath
deep, four, three, two,
downward dog on the one,
lift the hips up high.
Walk it out.
Find your foundation.
Bring your attention back
to the sound of your breath.
Now bend the knees, lift your heels,
look forward, breathe in,
exhale, step the right foot,
then the left foot forward, ragdoll.
Clasp the elbows, gently
shake the head loose.
Continue to deepen your breath.
Then release the arms and
slowly roll up to stand.
Align head over heart.
Heart over pelvis and just
take a couple moments here
to loop the shoulders forward.
Up and back.
And then nice conscious
footing, Yogi’s choice.
Feet hip width apart or flushed together,
just really conscious footing
and toes pointing forward.
Then leading with the
thumbs, we’ll inhale,
reach the fingertips up high, big stretch.
And then exhale palms facedown.
Just lowering the fingertips
down at your side.
Syncing up with your breath.
Let’s see if we can really do it,
marry the action to the movement
and the movement to the action.
Big breath.
And exhale palms face down.
Now to try to extend your
exhale, make it longer,
big inhale then reach all
the way up, and exhale.
Empty, empty, empty, inhale reach,
it’s harder than you think.
And exhale.
And you’re likely just catching it now,
so here we go, three more times, inhale.
Empty, empty, empty, inhale, reach.
Exhale, down you go, nice and slow.
And last time, on your own,
be true to your breath,
experiment, explore.
Beautiful and when you’re emptied out,
inhale, reach for the sky.
Hook the thumbs, spread your fingertips,
hold the backs of the hands back,
catch up whenever you’re ready.
Lengthen the tailbone
down, draw the navel in,
inner thighs spiral out as we do this,
hug the lower ribs in,
so we’re kind of connecting to
that center plumb line here.
And slowly take it to
the left, nice and easy.
Now bring it back up to center,
you wanna take it to the right.
Nice and easy, inhale to reach up,
exhale, palms come together
and we’re going to go all
the way down the midline.
Inhale, halfway lift.
And exhale to fold.
Inhale to reach for the sky.
And exhale, palms come together
and we go back down through the midline.
Inhale halfway lift.
Exhale fold.
Plant the palms, step the right toes back,
then the left toes back,
inhale, look forward,
exhale, lower down to your belly.
Press into the tops of the feet, inhale.
Catch a wave, Cobra, big
breath to lift you up,
exhale to release.
Twice more like that, try
to move with your breath.
Inhale, controlled
exhale as you lower down.
One more time, just like we’ve been doing.
Inhale, rise up, catch a
wave, exhale with control
So often we’ll pay
attention to that inhale
but not the exhalation here.
Curl the toes under, press
up to plank, big breath.
And exhale to your downward dog.
Beautiful work, take a deep
breath in, long breath out.
Inhale to look forward.
Exhale to step or hop to the top.
Inhale halfway lift, catch a wave,
exhale to fold.
Inhale to rise, reach the
fingertips all the way up
and exhale, hands to heart.
Here we go again, big
inhale, reach for the sky.
Hook the thumbs, send it
to the left, breathe out.
Inhale, lift it up.
Exhale, send it to the right.
Inhale, lift it up.
Exhale, palms come together
and back down you go.
Inhale, halfway lift,
move with your breath.
Exhale, fold.
Root to rise here,
inhale reach for the sky,
reach, reach, reach.
Exhale, palms come together
and back down you go.
Inhale halfway lift.
Exhale, fold.
Plant the palms, take a deep breath in,
step or hop back to plank.
Inhale to shift forward,
exhale lower to the belly.
With your breath, inhale
lift up Cobra, catch a wave.
And then with controlled
exhale sync it up, release.
Twice more, hug the elbows in,
inhale, rise up.
And exhale to flow down.
Once more.
Beautiful, curl the toes under,
lift the kneecaps, press up,
plank pose, take a deep
breath in here, you got it.
Then exhale to your down dog.
Inhale in.
Empty it out.
Bend the knees, life the
heels look forward, inhale.
Exhale, step or hop to the top.
Inhale, lifts you up halfway,
catch a wave, find length.
And then exhale to fold.
Inhale, reach for the sky
and exhale hands to heart.
Beautiful pause, close your eyes here
observe your breath.
Nice controlled breathing.
Beautiful, then bring the feet together.
You’re gonna shift your
weight to your right foot
and your gonna lift your left heel.
Now, considering
yesterday’s floor practice,
press away from the earth,
find places to rebound from the earth,
so an example of that, if I
were sinking into my right hip here,
it would be out here,
but since I’m pressing
away from my right foot,
there’s a length, I’m not
crashing into my joints
but rather the opposite,
I’m lifting up out.
Now lift the sternum to the thumbs,
same thing and do you think
we’re going into a bouncy foot?
Well it’s a little bit of a bounce foot,
we’re not going to lift up here,
we’re actually gonna
slide the left toes back,
so nice and slow, slide
your left toes back.
And then you’re gonna
pivot on the back foot.
And come back to your Warrior I here,
hello old friend.
Lift the sternum up, feel that connection,
strong connection through the back foot.
Now really make sure your
left toes are turning in here,
we’re gonna inhale, reach for the sky,
exhale, palms face down.
Inhale, lift.
Strong legs as you exhale,
create a little something here
that you’re pressing down on,
a little resistance.
You can feel that connection to your core,
lower belly and upper abdominals
drawing into the center.
Then, there’s the invitation
to really extend the exhale,
as you breathe out press the palms down,
scoop the tailbone in, feel
that power in the back leg.
One more, inhale.
And exhale.
Interlace the fingertips behind here,
you’re gonna draw the
knuckles down and away,
open up through the chest.
Lift and lengthen and then exhale,
pull the right hip crease back
and we’ll send the heart forward.
You might pause here.
Breathing, holding on
to your beautiful focus,
or you might take the crown
of the head down to the earth,
knuckles to the sky, Humble Warrior.
Feel that flash of energy.
All the way to the crown,
and keep a strong firm
connection to the outer edge
of your back foot as the knuckles reach
all the way up and over.
Then connect to your center,
your core and slowly
begin to rise up strong.
With control, release the fingertips,
inhale, reach for the sky
and exhale, hands to heart.
Nice and slow, from your
center, pivot on the back foot.
High lunge.
Feel that stretch through
the left hip crease,
lift your sternum up high,
squeezing your thighs
together for balance.
Then here we go, inhale
in, find a little bounce,
exhale, step the back foot
up, to meet the front.
Close your eyes and observe,
notice the difference
between the left side and
the right side of your body.
And then gently shift your
weight to your left foot,
lift the right heel,
now in time this becomes second nature,
but really today, press
away from the earth,
lift the sternum to the thumbs.
Draw the navel in and up,
then slide the right toes
back all the way back.
Pivot on the back foot,
then aha, here we are.
Strong legs here.
Strong awareness through the whole spine.
Then when you’re ready,
leading with the thumbs,
inhale, moving with the breath,
so we’re not just moving
the arms, disconnecting,
we’re really creating
a full body experience
as we reach up, we’re pressing
into the heel on the right foot.
Feeling everything open
and stretch as we reach up,
and then exhale, palms down.
Lengthening tailbone down and in,
feel that connection to your abdominals,
then here we go again.
Catch a rhythm that feels awesome here.
Challenge yourself to really
slow down that exhale.
And if the breath feels shallow,
it’s all good, this is a practice,
we call it breath practice,
right, yoga practice.
And do one more big
inhale, reach for the sky.
And slow exhale as you
lower down and this time,
interlace the fingertips with
the opposite thumb on top.
So the one feels a bit funky.
So we’re definitely playing
with the right brain and left brain today
as we draw the knuckles down and away,
we lift the heart, big inhale
and then with your exhale,
as we’ve been doing,
pull that hip crease in,
lead with your heart forward.
Strong focus on the exhale,
stay here, or continue the
journey all the way down,
Humble Warrior, crown of the
head reached towards the earth,
knuckles lift up and keep track
of that nice buoyant,
beautiful, controlled breath.
Then engage the back leg,
draw your center up and in
and slowly begin to make your way back up.
Release with control,
reach the fingertips to the sky, inhale,
and exhale, hands to heart.
Great, from that pelvic floor,
lift up, lift the back heel,
we’ll pivot on the back foot
come to a nice high lunge.
Inhale in, exhale, relax your shoulders
and find a little bounce here we go,
inhale, exhale.
Lifting back foot up to meet the front.
Tadasana, Deep breath in,
long breath out.
Last one, inhale, reach for the sky.
Big stretch, exhale, forward fold,
bend the knees, plant the palms,
step or hop it back to
plank, nice and easy.
Inhale to look forward,
exhale, lower to your belly.
Just one of these inhale Cobra,
lift your chest, open your heart.
Slow controlled exhale as you
lower down, bring it down.
Beautiful, from here,
press up on to all fours.
You’re gonna swing your legs around,
and come back through,
to your nice comfy seat.
Bring one hand and the other to the belly.
Feel your breath.
So we’re gonna finish today’s practice
with a little Kapalabhati breath.
An energizing breath,
inhale, fill the belly with air,
and on the exhale, draw
the navel in sharply,
nice audible breath out.
Here to start.
Inhale, try again.
And now we’ll pick up the pace.
Inhaling in, exhaling to
sharply bring the naval,
the inhale is passive, the
focus is on the exhale.
(sharply exhaling)
Catch a rhythm that feels awesome for you,
see if you can keep
your shoulders relaxed,
and if you want to up
the ante a little bit,
you can take the fingertips
up towards the sky,
thumbs up, draw the shoulders down,
and connect to your breath of fire.
(sharply exhaling)
Keep it going.
Sit up a little taller.
Then take a deep breath in if
you’re arms are up in the sky,
use an exhale to lower them
down, everyone open your palms,
bring them to rest gently on
top of the knees or the thighs.
Close your eyes and observe,
allow your breath to
just be natural and easy.
Notice how your energy has shifted.
Just take a moment to appreciate this time
that you’ve taken for yourself.
Bringing so much amazing
fresh oxygen to the body.
Nice work.
Bring the palms together,
thumbs right up to the third eye.
The awesome in me bows
to the awesome in you.
High fives all around.
I’ll see you tomorrow.
(gentle upbeat music)

TRUE - Day 5 - HIGH  |  Yoga With Adriene

All credits go to Yoga With Adriene