TRUE – Day 4 – FLOOR | Yoga With Adriene

TRUE – Day 4 – FLOOR  |  Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone and welcome to True,
your 30 Day Yoga Journey.
I’m Adriene, and today is day four
and we’re going to connect to the floor
so I’ll see you there right now.
Alrighty my friends,
let’s begin in a nice comfortable seat
tuning in for today’s floor practice.
Bring the hands together.
Sit up nice and tall now you hear?
And just get settled in.
Relax your shoulders.
We’ll close the eyes as you’re ready.
Take a deep breath in.
And a long breath out.
Now take a moment.
It’s nice to close the eyes
or just kind of soften your gaze.
This can happen with a little more ease.
Take a moment to let
go of the day thus far.
Put your to do list politely on hold.
And let’s choose to really
make the most of this time
on our mat.
Now, from the waist down get really heavy.
Whatever that means to you.
And then nice and easy we’re
going to bring our awareness
to the pelvic floor.
And then just draw up a
little bit from there.
This could be something that’s
just in your imagination.
This could be Mula Bandha.
A little bit of activation.
This could be brand stinking new
and juts bringing some awareness
there could change the way
you sit up nice and tall.
If your back is starting to hurt here,
you might pause the video
and grab a little blanket
or a towel sit on top of
your blanket or towel.
And then gently begin
to deepen your breath.
Drawing energy up from
the base of the spine,
the pelvic floor.
Then inhale, lengthen through
the crown of the head.
Draw, up, up, up.
And then exhale, to
relax the pelvic floor.
Relax your hands.
Open your eyes.
And come to lie down.
Take your time getting there.
Again, no jerking yourself around.
So we’re going to start
to pick up the rhythm
throughout the series
and have a little fun.
But don’t forget the
beautiful foundation you
set of really listening to your body,
moving with intention.
So when you get to your
back you’re going to take
your legs out long.
Center yourself on your mat.
And you’re going to just notice,
what’s going on in the pelvis,
and just see if you can
find the best place so.
Sometimes we just don’t even
have the awareness there.
Maybe you move the fleshy
part of the buttocks aside.
Maybe you tilt the tailbone
up and down a couple of times.
Sometimes I’ll notice
where I’m like gripping
in one weird place that I
don’t need to be gripping in.
So often the way we act on
our mat is the way we act
off our mat.
The things we struggle with
and hold on tight to or
push through on our mat
is often pretty similar
to the things that we struggle push
or grip off the mat.
It’s just something to keep in mind.
And then we’ll bring the hands down.
Just giving everyone a
second to get settled in.
And really notice how you feel.
Actively press into your fingertips here.
And then you’re actually
going to find stillness.
But keep the fingertips and hands pressing
firmly into the ground.
So we’re not in shavasana.
Nice try, buster.
But we’re activating the hands
and then just finding a little stillness.
Now you have to bring the breath.
Bring that layer of soul
of spirit to your math–
Whoa, to your math?
To your mat.
No math here.
Deepen your breath and not because
I’m inviting you to,
or because you know,
that’s what we do in yoga,
but because this is your life,
and your breath is
essentially your spirit.
The spirit of your life.
So breath deep.
So good for the mind and body.
And then release the fingertips
and now you’re going to
bring the palms face up.
Now we’re going to take the right foot
and we’re going to slowly
walk it over to the left foot
and then keep walking
the feet off your mat
and your body will tell you when to stop.
When you’re like oh yeah, baby.
Feel that stretch through
the outer right hip,
even a little bit through the psoas here.
The side body.
And then if you like, you can
cross the right ankle over
the left here,
for a deeper stretch.
Now, inhale and reach the
finger tips all the way
up and overhead.
Capture your right wrist
with your left hand
and you’re going to use
your head and shoulders,
to inch your upper body
towards the upper left corner
of your mat.
Peek at me.
I need to stretch my mouth today.
Peek at me if you need to.
There is no rush.
Want to make sure you
feel really good here
and we’re going to use the earth
to really breathe deep
into this big stretch here
creating a little crescent moon shape
with the body.
So, my pecks and shoulders
are pretty tight right now
from something I’ve been working on.
So my hands are not even
coming to the earth here.
That’s very humbling for me actually.
So if yours are not either that’s okay.
Welcome to my club.
You do want to consider the
neck here, so it’s not pinched.
We’re not isolating feel good
stretching or yoga poses,
we’re creating a full body experience so.
Pay attention to the nuance
and the line that runs
up and down the center of your body.
Now notice how a big inhale will enhance
and magnify the stretch, the
opening, the lengthening.
Breathe in.
And then notice how the
exhale is a softening,
a release.
Big inhale, feel the stretch.
And exhales soften.
These might feel like super small things,
but to create this expansion in the body
and also practice softening
is kind of a big deal.
Especially, today.
So relish every breath.
Give your thinking mind a break.
And then we’ll start with the upper body,
first releasing the hands.
Bring the arms to cactus arms,
so you’re going to bend the elbows.
You’re going to walk
the head back to center.
Take a deep breath in,
and then exhale.
Release the right foot first
and then walk the heels
back in line with the
hip points.
Deep breath in.
Long breath out.
Walk the fingertips or
draw the fingertips down,
resting gently at your sides.
You want to do the same
thing on the other side,
so we’re not rushing this on purpose.
So first just crawl your
left heel over towards
your right.
Check in with your sacrum.
Your lower back.
The hips, etc.
And then if you feel
good here, keep walking.
Heels towards the bottom
right corner of your mat.
Really use an ear.
So pay attention to the
sensation near your coccyx.
And again the sacrum.
And if you feel good here,
lift the left leg up.
Cross left ankle over the right.
And then reaching the arms all the way up.
But as you do this don’t
bypass the sensation.
Oh yeah.
Then grab the left wrist.
And start to shift head,
neck, shoulders towards
the upper right corner.
Noticing how you feel on the way.
So we’re not waiting ’til we
land to notice the sensation.
I’m kind of keeping the consciousness
and the awareness alive
as we move in and out of things.
Then use the floor here.
This is great floor work
in today’s practice to really
amp up the breath and notice.
Kind of have that aha
moment with brain and body.
How each inhale,
provides such a deeper
expansion and sensation
and stretch,
when you breathe fully, deepfully,
and how each exhale is an
opportunity again, to relax
and soften kind of surrender.
And at the very least my
friends, again nice stretch
for your body.
Just a physical body even.
Really, really good.
Take a deep breath in
and a long breath out.
Close your eyes.
Big inhale.
Big exhale.
And once more on your own.
Beautiful, release the hands first.
Head and neck and shoulders, come back.
Bend the elbows cactus arms.
Feel that great opening though the chest,
the shoulders and then more slowly
uncross the left ankle.
Bring the heels back to hip width apart.
Take a moment here, and
just relax the lower body.
Relax your hands.
Your shoulders.
The ribs.
The entire body is
softening and releasing.
Calming the nervous system
with this conscious breathing
and sliding the fingertips down.
We’ll bring the palms to the yoga mat.
Press firmly through the finger tips,
and here we go.
We’re going to lift
the right knee up high,
and then the left knee up high.
Soles of the feet,
come firmly to the yoga mat.
And you’re going to walk
your heels in towards
your bum, or your bum, your
hips in towards your heels.
Now snuggle the shoulder blades
underneath your heart space.
Again, pressing firmly
through the fingertips.
Find a nice strong foundation
of all four corners of the feet.
Toes pointing forward.
And on a big inhale
we’ll slowly fill the belly with air.
And on an exhale draw the navel in
and begin to lift the tailbone up high.
Now keep breathing just nice, natural
fluid breath as you
lift the hip points up.
And pause here,
find your foundation.
Start to lengthen sit bones
towards the backs of the knees.
Shins forward.
Now chest to chin.
Chin to sky.
Take a deep breath in.
An then exhale lower down.
And now we’ll move in a little flow here.
Inhale, lift the hips up high
and exhale lower.
Inhale to lift, press firmly
through all four corners
of the feet,
and exhale to lower.
Now this time inhale while lift.
And now active strong, foundation here.
We’re going to reach the fingertips
all the way up to the sky.
And notice, this massage
you feel in the upper spine.
Take a deep breath in.
Imagine you’re squeezing
an imaginary block here.
So if your knees are going out wide
squeeze them in and listen
to the sound of my voice
to guide you as you slowly lower down,
you’re going to keep
reaching up towards the sky
and you’re going to feel this
beautiful massage on your
spine using the earth, the floor here
to explore
all the way down
the spine.
Fabulous, then when you land
or at least the fingertips
to the earth, take a deep breath in.
A long breath out.
And we’ll go again.
Big inhale this time
sinking up hips and fingers.
We reach for the sky.
Big inhale.
Nice and slow.
And then exhale.
It’s almost as if the shoulder
blades lift up off here.
You reach toward the sky
and slowly lower down
the massaging through the spine,
one vertebrae at a time.
And when the hips land,
the fingertips come to kiss the earth.
Now, we’re just probably likely
just now picking up on this
because it takes a
little time to find this,
we’re going to go three more rounds.
And that way you can keep
your head and neck straight
and really explore with full integrity.
So here we go.
Press into the feet.
Now on your next inhale,
we begin to lift up
fingers and hip points.
Hip points lift up.
Shins forward.
Chest to chin.
Chin to sky.
Reach up.
Now really reach the fingertips.
Shoulder blades begin to part here.
Feel that connection in the upper spine.
I don’t know about you but
it feels awesome for me
and then slowly as you can go lower down.
When the hips land, fingertips come down.
Kiss the earth.
And here we go again.
And finding that articulation
as you make your way down.
And this can be challenging because
you kind of just want to get it.
But I want to offer you something more.
So let’s exploring this,
we’re going to go one more time.
Inhaling to lift.
Take your time.
Shins forward.
Hips up high.
And so we’re taking the looking
glass and we’re looking in.
We could just be doing hip bridges
but you already know how to do that.
So we’re tending to this
energetic super highway.
The spine.
Using the floor and the
earth to do that today.
Uh yeah.
When you’re done, when you release
you’re going to go ahead and bring
the soles and the feet together.
And if you’re not with my timing
that’s okay.
I’m just going to guide the people who
are ready.
We’re going to come to Supta Baddha Konasana.
The knees go wide.
The souls of the feet come together
and you can rest your hands today gently
on the belly or on the hip
creases if it feels good.
And we’ll take a deep breath
in, when you get here.
And as you exhale, we’re
definitely going to allow
gravity to do a bit of
the work today again,
floor practice.
So close your eyes.
And when your mind starts to wonder
because it will,
you’re going to use
your hands on your belly
or even on the hip
creases to imagine sending
your breath down to that area.
So down to the base of the spine.
So we call this
directional breath in yoga.
We inhale and as we inhale
instead of inhaling up
like most people do.
We inhale and send the breath downward.
Down to the base of the spine.
And then it comes up and out of course.
It’s the natural flow of things.
Up and down.
So a lot of subtle body
energy stuff in this practice.
But if it’s not landing I
invite you to just lean in
and keep an open mind,
and enjoy the stretch.
Awesome for your body.
We’re also setting the tone
and nice foundation.
Waking up the body for
a more rigorous practice
that’s coming.
But don’t be scared.
Don’t be scared.
Alright I’m going to be
quiet for a moment here
and we’re going to see
if we can work on that
directional breath.
And allow the hips to open.
Neck nice and long.
And take one more cycle of breath here.
And then you’ll take your
fingertips to the outer edges
of your legs.
Connect to your core, your center.
Press into the outer edges
of the feet and slowly
bring the knees together.
Walk the feet towards the
right edge of your mat.
You’re going to shift
the hips to the right,
and then you’re going to bring your knees
over towards the left.
Creating a zigzag, from
the heels to the knees,
to the hips, to the heart,
to the head, to the side.
And then, Yogi’s choice.
If you want a more restorative
practice here on the floor,
you’ll take the left
hand to the outer edge of
the right thigh and then
bring your right arm,
back to that cactus arm.
Oh yeah baby.
If you’d like to work
a little bit of energy,
into the obliques then you’ll
interlace the fingertips
and we’ll use the floor here
to create a little bit of a
side connect.
Now notice how I say side
connect and not crunch
because although we are going
to think about centering
those muscles together,
crunch has this connotation of
and we want to try to keep it soft.
So we’re going to inhale in here.
My chest and pecks are sore.
This is–
Extend the thumbs,
as you cradle your head.
And again, you can just
be in a twist here.
Inhale in here.
And then exhale.
Instead of thinking of the crunch.
You’re going to think
of lifting your chin up
towards the sky.
Heels do lift.
Take a deep breath in.
Long breath out.
Maybe lift a little higher.
And then inhale to lower.
Exhale to lift.
Inhale to lower.
Exhale to lift.
Inhale to lower.
Exhale to lift.
Inhale to lower.
Exhale to lift.
Now you can keep it going here,
or move into your twist.
This creaky old floor
is coming out to play.
Keep it going.
Do one more.
And then release.
Everyone will come to the twist.
Take a deep breath in.
Directional breath down, down, down.
Take a deep breath in.
Then use your exhale to
slowly unravel back to center.
Then walk your feet now to
the left side of your mat.
Move your hips over with it.
And the we’ll slowly take
the knees over to the right.
Find your zigzag on the other side.
Feel that nice big
stretch in the outer hip.
And then relax the
weight of your body down.
Then you can take the twist here.
Right hand comes to the
outer edge of the left thigh
and left arm is bent in cactus arms
or football goal post arms,
depending on your mood.
And you can stay here breathing deep
or we’ll interlace the finger tips.
Bring them behind the head.
Now, again, keep this
connection to your spine.
This awareness of your spine
rather than just isolating
the obliques.
We’re going to work on the obliques
plenty during this whole series
but try to create a full body experience.
So we’re kind of training
or retraining the mind
to consider the body is one,
which is what we do
naturally when we’re babies
and we’re developing.
So getting back to that mindset,
the body inhale
and exhale
and exhale to lift
inhale lower
exhale lift
keep it going.
Inhale to lower
exhale to lift.
Then do one more.
Inhale lower.
Exhale, lift everything up.
And then release.
Come back to your twist.
Take a deep breath in.
A long breath out.
Inhale and again some breath to the belly
and then slowly bring it back to center.
Oh yeah.
We’re going to bring the
hands behind the thighs.
And then squeeze the knees
up towards the chest here.
Scoop the tail on.
Feel your lower back.
Become nice and cozy with the mat.
And take a deep breath in
and really feel the earth
rising up to meet your
back body.
That support.
In the daily email today
if you’re following that
we’re talking about what
surface are you treading on.
Are you connected to the
ground in which you walk?
And how that awareness
can actually help you.
Just be really present in the moment,
instead of getting too far
ahead or too stuck in the past.
Okay, squeeze the knees
now into the chest.
We’re here.
Hands behind the thighs.
I’m going to take a deep breath in.
And on the exhale draw
your navel to your spine.
And we’re going to begin to rock and roll
all the way up and down
the length of the spine.
Again using the earth
to massage the spine.
Hey Benji.
Rock up and down.
And then today as long
as it’s okay on your body
I invite you to do three
more rocks than you want to.
So just when you’re
like, I’m done with this.
Do three more.
If it’s physically good for your body.
Most people are like, it’s not.
And then we’ll rock all the way up.
And we’re going to come to
a nice wide legged seat.
So again, if you need to lift the hips up.
I highly encourage that.
I highly recommend lifting
the hips up on a blanket or
a block whenever you feel
like it might assist you
in sitting up a little bit taller.
You’re going to take
the legs super wide and
I always say this on,
Yoga with Adriene channel here on YouTube.
There is no competition here.
It’s all camaraderie.
So, this kind of old school mentality,
of like look how flexible I am.
It’s damaging.
It’s really not.
It’s not always true.
So, go ahead and bring it in a little bit.
Just find a nice
firm wide legged seat.
So something that you feel grounded in.
And if you’re like, I don’t
feel grounded Miss Mishler.
That’s okay I’ve got your back.
So we’re going to sit up nice and tall.
Fingertips on the earth to start.
Loop the shoulders inhale.
Flex your toes towards your face.
And just take a second here to really feel
that connection of sit bone to the earth.
Something we bypass a lot
in these types of shapes.
And then notice where
you’re carrying your spine
in relationship to that.
And you might even rock a little front,
a little back.
And if you’re starting to
tremble here in your torso
or in your legs,
you are not alone.
That is an exciting place
to be in your yoga journey.
So breathe deep.
Use that directional breath.
And trust the process.
Alright take a deep breath in.
And then see if you can bring
your hands to the earth first
while still keeping a little bit
of length through the chest.
If you’re like, no I cannot.
Then that’s okay, you
stay at this bus top.
Then maybe to forearms.
Toes stay active and alive.
And if you come to that bus stop,
and you realize no
that’s not for me today,
then I’m going to stay here.
But one thing we want to try to do,
today in our floor practices.
Keep that connection of the sit bone
to the core of the earth.
To the floor.
What do you say?
He says, floor is good.
Om Shanti.
Okay pull your hip creases up
into the center of your body.
Just do your best.
Firm through the tops of the thighs.
Now try to bring your toes.
Your pinky toes or the outer
edges of your feet out.
And then wherever you are bow the head.
So even if it’s up here.
Bow the head.
Close your eyes and go inward.
Just noticing what thoughts come up here.
And then gently begin to
come back to the hands.
If you’re not already there.
And as we roll up here, we’ll
tuck the chin into the chest.
And once again we’re going to
connect to that pelvic floor.
So you’ll draw the hands towards
your heart again, Añjali Mudrā.
And we’re going to lift
up from the pelvic floor
and notice what happens in
the outer hip if anything
in the glutes as you lift up through
the base of the spine energetically,
actually activating those muscles.
Yes, interesting.
An then slowly release that.
Release the pelvic floor.
Release the fingertips.
And we’re going to walk
the heels together.
Then capture your left knee here.
Bring it up.
Hug it in.
Give it a big squeeze.
Love yourself.
Life is too short.
And then we’re going
to lift the right heel
and cross it over the right leg.
Feel that stretch in the outer hip again.
Pull the right hip crease back.
And then find a nice little
strong foundation here
of the sit bone again
connecting to the earth
as you hug your right knee up and in.
And then we’re going to send
the left fingertips behind
firm through the left toes.
Excuse me–
That’s your right heel.
Firm through your right heel.
And we’ll find a twist.
So if the spine,
feels quite round here
and you’re leaning back.
This would be good time
to bring the blanket
or the towel in.
Just sit up on mat so that you can
find length through the spine
with a little more ease.
And take one more breath here.
Maybe turn to look past
your left shoulder.
And exhale.
And then we’ll unravel.
Kick the left heel up.
Draw the right knee in.
And then again, often times
we do this type of shape
we’re isolating parts.
See if you can stay
connected to your sit bone.
It’s going to change your game.
I know it’s a little tedious but–
It’s going to change the game.
Press on that left heel.
Cross right ankle, right
foot over the left.
Another thing is,
a lot of times,
we do this.
We keep that foot there we squeeze in,
we get into this shape.
Go all the way to the finish line.
See if you can work really work
to press the full four corners
of that right foot into the earth.
And it’s not about actually doing it.
It’s just about the intention.
The energy.
Oh we forgot to give this knee a hug.
Squeeze your right knee and
give it an extra big bear hug.
Inhale and then exhale to find your twist.
Sit up nice and tall.
And practice that directional breath.
Breathing down.
One more cycle of breath here.
Inhale to lift.
Sit up nice and tall.
Exhale to maybe look
past the right shoulder.
Out with the old, in with the new.
What’s going on today?
Let’s bring it back to center.
Both legs out now.
Inhale, reach for the sky,
grab your big beach ball.
Here we go.
And then exhale.
Bend the knees as much as you need to.
Take your beach ball forward.
And then down we go.
Feel that length in the back,
as you breathe in.
That softness in the shoulders
as you breathe out.
Close your eyes.
Feel that stretch
through the rotator cuff.
Draw the shoulders away from the ears.
And three more cycles of breath here.
We’re nearing the end of our practice,
so close your eyes and take
this meditative time for you.
Three cycles of breath.
As you’re ready, gently release.
Tuck the chin into the chest.
And slowly roll it up.
Bend the knees.
Draw up from the pelvic floor.
Don’t think, just give it a go.
We’re going to lift the shins,
lift the toes, lift the shins.
Come into a little boat variation here.
Just checking in.
You’re going to draw the upper abdominals
and lower belly together.
Take the fingertips out wide.
Lift the chest.
So this is one of those shapes
that you just cannot collapse
into the earth.
You cannot.
So you have to use that connection
that which is touching the earth
to rise up from.
There is a little rebounding.
A pressing away from the earth.
When you think about it this way,
you’re almost defying gravity in yoga
which is pretty awesome.
On your next breath, lift
your chin just slightly.
Lift your sternum up just a hair more.
We’re here for five.
You’ve got this.
feel the shake,
the prana, the energy,
and one,
cross the ankles
hands come to your heart.
Inhale, squeeze the
shoulders up to the ears.
And exhale let it go.
Inhale, squeeze the
shoulders up to the ears.
And exhale let it go.
Last one make it awesome
big inhale.
Exhale let it go.
Thumbs come slowly up to the third eye.
Take a deep breath in once again.
This one quiet.
A long breath out.
Take a deep breath in.
Long breath out.
And we close today by inhaling in.
And deep bow to the earth.

TRUE - Day 4 - FLOOR  |  Yoga With Adriene

All credits go to Yoga With Adriene