TRUE – Day 14 – LISTEN | Yoga With Adriene

TRUE – Day 14 – LISTEN  |  Yoga With Adriene

– Hey everyone,
and welcome to True,
your 30 day yoga journey.
Today is day 14, and we’re
gonna slow it down
and listen.
Let’s get started.
(light music)
Okay, my darling friends,
let’s begin today seated,
and I highly recommend,
for today’s practice, sitting
on a towel or blankets, so if
you have to pause the video
and grab that, go ahead and
do it, and if you’re like,
“No, I’m good, girl,”
that’s fine as well,
but it’s nice to
have a little lift today
because we’re going to be…
Yeah, we’re gonna be still.
We’re gonna be listening
to what’s going on inside
through certain stretches,
but kind of zooming out.
The idea is that if
we have this relationship
to listening to our
guts, to our intuition,
to the body, of course,
and to the heart,
then we’re doing everything
that we could
possibly do, just by listening.
A lot of times, we don’t
even have that relationship,
and then we get into a
place where we’re like,
“I don’t know
what to do.” (laughs)
And it’s a little bit
difficult to start from zero.
So, to summarize that,
I think time on the mat
is time well spent,
because it’s time
that you get to
practice listening.
Which might seem kind of obvious
to some people, but maybe not.
If you’re here
for the, you know,
which we’ve been
working the last couple days,
we’re gonna take a break,
just give the
shoulders and the arms
a little bit of a rest.
And then we’ll all hit
it back strong tomorrow,
for day 15.
So let’s begin,
seated nice and tall,
hopefully, by now,
you’ve set up on something.
And allow your hands
to just rest wherever they
naturally feel right
today, based on your body
and the temperature.
And then you’re gonna
tuck the chin just slightly,
lengthen through
the back of the neck.
Sit up nice and tall so that
the energy that runs
up and down the spine,
and this isn’t
just yoga stuff, this is
understanding, now,
even now, in science
too, studying the energy
that runs throughout the body
and how it has
these center points
that run up and down the spine,
where nerves meet,
however you wanna look at it.
So when we invite each
other to sit up tall here
in the practice, we’re
really creating an opening,
an invitation,
for the energy to flow
with more ease, and when
the energy is able to flow
with more ease
and not get stuck,
think of it as plumbing,
then all systems
are able to unite
and listen to each other.
When things are
closed off or blocked,
it becomes very hard to
understand what the body
is saying, what your
guts are telling you.
So begin to notice your breath
and just slow everything down,
especially if you’re
squeezing in this practice today
because you don’t wanna miss it.
We’re gonna slow down, and
that can be really challenging
for many, me included,
because without the
practice of slowing down,
we also are not able
to even pay attention
to what the body or the heart
or your guts are
trying to tell you.
We just kind of
do what we’re told,
take the prescription,
I don’t mean medicine,
I just mean the prescribed yoga,
or whatever it is, and go.
So let’s slow it down today,
this’ll be a nice little rest
day for your body as well.
Continuing to
gently deepen your breath.
And then start to get a
little more mindful through
the neck and the shoulders, so
maybe you relax the shoulders
down and actively
lift your chest up,
maybe you take
this opportunity to
find soft, easy
movement through the head
and the neck, as
we’ve been doing.
And definitely, as you slow down
and just arrive
here in the moment,
notice where you mind is going,
where your thoughts are going.
And then acknowledge
whatever’s going on,
and let’s start to amp
up the sound of the breath
to anchor the
mind and give ourselves
really something
that we can return to
in this mindfulness practice,
so take a deep breath
in through your nose,
and really listen as you
elongate the breath, out.
Maybe tapping into a little
Ujjayi breath here, continue.
(breathes deeply)
Notice if you
feel a change, already,
in your body or in
your mind just by breathing
more fully and slowly.
(breathes deeply)
Great, then try to keep
up with this ocean sound,
this victorious breath,
this Ujjayi breath,
as you bring your feet together,
and it should feel really good,
if you’re on a
towel or a blanket,
to kind of rock
the pelvis forward
and you feel this kind of
yummy stretch in the groin
and the inner
thighs and in the hips.
And then, instead of
clasping the toes today,
we’re gonna grab the
ankles, loop the shoulders,
and now find that
steady breathing again here.
Cobbler’s Pose.
(breathes deeply)
And notice how
this Ujjayi breath,
or this long,
audible, controlled breath,
can shift your
mood and the way you sit
and support yourself,
so maybe you sit up
a little bit taller, maybe
you relax the shoulders down,
continue to do that, maybe you
lift up from the pelvic floor.
Maybe you forgive
something that you
made a mistake on,
people make mistakes.
Or maybe you
forgive someone else.
You know me, guys, just
keeping all the options open.
Maybe you take a cue
from our soften practice
and find a nice,
easy sway side to side.
Awesome, take a deep breath in,
continue (breathes deeply).
And use your exhale to release,
knees are gonna come together,
and my knees come together.
If your knees don’t
come together, that’s fine,
they can come here, you
can stay hip width apart.
Love your body,
be kind with your thoughts,
and take a deep breath in,
you’re gonna come here,
just kind of hug
the knees in and,
what we’re wanting to do is
challenge ourselves to lift up
a little bit from
the base of the spine
and then, one of my
favorite, favorite poses,
inhale in, exhale, soft rounding
of your sweet spine forward
so you might just be here,
and then notice what
the shape feels like.
Or maybe you
come all the way in.
Close your eyes,
and again, return
to the sound of the breath.
Feel the breath as it
stretches your upper back body,
your middle back body,
and your lower back body.
(breathes deeply)
Notice where you might
be gripping or holding,
and if you’re like, “Aw man,
I have so much energy,
“I’m bummed, day 14
turned out to be a chill one.”
Dude, you have to trust me
that this is a valuable time,
that your are going
to get strong and trim
and toned and
have all this energy
to succeed and do all
the things you wanna do
if you take this time
to also find this rasa,
to find this
flavor, and to listen
a little more
closely, and have that
conversation already going.
And if you’re like,
“Adriene, you crazy.”
Then, man, enjoy this
amazing stretch for your back
as you breathe,
your neck, the shoulders,
great for your posture.
Great, let’s inhale
in together, here we go,
inhale (breathes deeply)
and exhale,
then carve a line with the nose
and slowly sit
back up, fabulous.
Now, we’re gonna go
for Janu Sirsasana next,
so keep your towel, or blanket,
and you’re gonna
ascend the legs out wide
in front of you.
Benji, I’m gonna share
the stage with you today,
you can stay.
Sit up nice and tall.
And we’re gonna start by
bringing the left heel in,
and you can measure
it about fist width apart
from your inner thigh,
if that’s helpful,
if you like to be precise,
otherwise you
can just hug it in.
And then even if
you’re pretty flexible,
it’s nice to have
the lift, rather, of the
towel or blanket.
Then, you’re gonna use your dog
to really press up
against your, I’m just kidding,
but you’re gonna
flex the sole of your
foot, so send your
toes up towards the sky,
right foot, and then inhale,
send the fingertips
behind the ears,
so you’re trying to
get the shoulders and arms
and waist in the same line here,
so this is a great
practice for things like
handstand and stuff like that,
so we’re not lifting here, but
we’re coming at it from here,
inhale, reach up high,
navel draws in and up
from our center practice,
and then here we go,
we’re gonna go
all the way over
towards the right leg,
right shin, right toes, now,
you might just be here,
chillin’ like a villain.
Slowing down the breath,
listening, listening, listening.
Maybe you cradle the calf,
maybe in time, you’re
able to come to interlace
that around the sole
of the foot. (laughs)
So I’m gonna stop talking,
and I’d like for
you to close your eyes
and just really listen
to the sound of your breath,
nice and steady,
see if you can create
that ocean sound.
And don’t you pause this video
and don’t you quit,
you’re doing so great.
Do you know how incredible,
do you know how
many yoga teachers
don’t show up on
their yoga mat every day
for 30 days at home, that don’t
have a home yoga practice?
Trust that what
you’re doing is valuable.
I genuinely believe it
with all my heart and soul,
that’s why I do this every year.
(breathes deeply)
Thank you for sharing
your time and practice with me
and for listening to me, and
I listen to you as well, and
that’s why we’re here again.
Your right knee can be bent
as generously as
you need it here.
We’re gonna take about five
more cycles of breath here,
so you can really
listen, and just listen
to whatever
thoughts are coming up,
listen to the
sound of your breath,
listen to things that are
going on in the other room,
just listen. (breathes deeply)
And then slowly
begin to release,
and we’ll bring
the right heel in,
soles of the feet kiss
together, Cobbler’s Pose.
Close your eyes and
notice if you feel a difference
from the right side of your body
and the left side of your body.
And then you can keep
the right heel in this time
and send the left leg out long,
find your measurement,
get situated,
and then find places
to anchor down here,
so kind of these
heavy muscles of the legs,
they dull down, we lift
up from the pelvic floor,
we can use our center practice
to find that drawing in,
and then here we go.
Send the
fingertips behind the ears
to rise up, reach up,
take a couple breaths here
to notice, okay, okay,
my shoulders are really
going through a process.
Inhale, exhale, turn your center
over towards your left leg
and check it out on this side.
Breathe deep.
(breathes deeply)
And we will
begin to listen, again,
to the sound of the
breath, to any thoughts
that are coming up,
just pay attention.
And for me, it really helps to,
just a softening of the gaze,
or go ahead and close your eyes.
Notice, when you
feel uncomfortable,
how you want to,
maybe, come out of the pose or
jerk into a certain
reaction and see if,
mindfully, you can lean in
and perhaps allow something
to unravel or unfold that
maybe wouldn’t
have had the chance
if you had run away.
Five more cycles
of breath, you got it.
Lean in.
(breathes deeply)
Then slowly begin to
unravel, awesome work.
And you’ll bring
that left foot up,
once again, Cobbler’s Pose.
Clasp the ankles,
sit up nice and tall,
and notice how you feel,
lean back, lift your heart,
and if your lower back
is feeling fussy at all,
think about drawing your
tailbone in just a hair here.
Sweet, now from
here, we’re gonna
have just a
little bit of fun today,
so we’re gonna slide off,
not that this hasn’t been fun,
but we want the variety in
this type of journey, right?
Every day is
different, so if we’re not
used to kind of
approaching the yoga mat
that way, what good,
what good does it do us?
Okay, so come off your towel,
or your blanket, if you have it,
and you’re gonna
come on to the bum,
so you can feel the
sits bones on the Earth.
And then we’re actually
gonna bring the hands
between the legs here, and
then you’re gonna bring your
hands or wrists
underneath the calves,
and then here we go,
we’re doing this,
get ready, Benji,
we’re gonna slowly connect
to your center,
all the awesome stuff
you’ve been working on,
and you’re gonna lean back
and maybe lift the toes.
Maybe they kiss together,
or maybe they cross, fancy.
And then maybe
you bring the hands
into a gentle fist,
and lift up from
the armpit chest.
Now, if you’re like, “Whoa,”
no problem, because
I’ve been here a lot.
I’ve been working on
my center work for a lot
of my life.
But, I’m still gonna
invite you, all of us,
to try to find a stillness here,
a serenity, as you
listen to the sound
of your breath and your body,
tailbone down and lifting up
so we’re not just collapsing
into the small of the back
but you’re really creating
a little rebound effect,
which we’ve practiced together.
Lift your chest,
lift the armpit chest.
And then lift the shins,
uncross if they’re crossed,
and cross the other way.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Nice, and
inhale, lift the shins,
lift your armpit chest,
lift your heart,
and exhale, uncross, slowly
bring the soles of the feet
to the Earth,
then, listen carefully,
you’re gonna bring the knees in,
keep the feet hip width apart.
Left hand’s gonna go
to the mat behind you,
right hand’s gonna grab the
outer edge of your right foot.
Then to start, we’re
just gonna send the sole
of our right foot forward,
and a lot of us
have done this before,
just kind of pulling back
a bow and arrow, a bit, here,
opening through that hip.
Okay, now we’re gonna inhale,
see if we might
want a little extension,
if not, that’s okay,
extension, extension, extension.
And then bringing the bend back.
Left hand now comes
to take the right foot,
right hand comes behind,
and then everyone’s
gonna love this one,
little massage for the glute,
the hip, the piriformis,
all these wonderful muscles
that you’ve been activating,
this is gonna feel awesome,
you’re gonna
lean back, way back,
keep listening, and then maybe
come onto the forearm here,
and then you’re
gonna use this left hand
to guide the right foot
to find a nice massage
on the top of your right glute,
on the outer hip, aw yeah.
The piriformis
should feel amazing,
and you can really go
to town here (laughs).
And this is why you
get all the way to day 30,
because you never know
what you’re gonna get.
thinking it’s all the same,
it’s the 30 days of True,
it’s like a box of chocolates.
Okay, then
we’re gonna come back,
and I’ll guide you
through that same little dance
on the other side,
so come on back to center,
plant the feet, first
the right hand goes back,
little kick stand,
and then grab the
outer edge of your left foot,
go ahead and kick that foot up,
and then we’re gonna play here,
we’re gonna use this
later, so this is just great,
just checking out
the mobility here.
And you can stay here, or
maybe you work with extension,
everyone’s working
with their heart lifted,
lower back supported
by rooting to rise here,
(whistles) beautiful.
And then right hand’s
gonna come to the left foot,
left hand will now come behind,
and here’s the yummy part,
we’re gonna lean back, I like
to come to the forearm here
so I can really get
on the muscle there,
and you’re just gonna
go for a little ride here.
Keep breathing,
should feel amazing,
should feel really, really good.
Just massaging that
muscle, and if you’re,
I don’t think you are,
but if you are stuck
in your head right now,
get out of your head
♪ and get into my car. ♪
No, get into your body,
listen, listen, listen.
Sweet, and then when
you feel satisfied here,
go ahead and
release your left foot
but then stay down here,
grab your blanket,
or your towel,
as a little pilla’,
as we say here in Texas,
and then come on
down to your pillow.
It just so
happens I have a little
breathing bolster here,
so I’m gonna use it.
And you’re gonna
come to lie on your back,
and we’re gonna bring
your left hand, gently,
to rest on your heart,
and your right hand
to rest gently on your belly.
And I’d like for you to
relax the weight of your body
as best you can,
completely and
fully into the earth,
and then we’ll close the eyes
and we’ll just begin
to listen to these two
deep center points of
listening where your hands are.
Feel the warmth on
your lower belly, your guts,
and of course, your heart.
This would be a good
practice to return to
when you feel like
you don’t know what to do.
Trust that the
answers are inside,
the advice that you
are seeking is inside.
Nice work today, thank you for
saying yes and for listening.
Tomorrow will be day 15,
our halfway point.
And I believe
it will be awesome.
But for now, reside here,
present, with your breath,
knowing that
what you seek,
you already have.
Killing it, love you
guys, see you tomorrow.
Palms come together,
as you’re ready,
and we acknowledge
each other as one.
(light music)

TRUE - Day 14 - LISTEN  |  Yoga With Adriene

All credits go to Yoga With Adriene