RABBIT POSE – Sasangasana – 15 Minute Yoga Practice

RABBIT POSE  –  Sasangasana  –  15 Minute Yoga Practice

– Hey everyone and
welcome to Yoga With Adriene.
I’m Adriene and today
on the Foundations of Yoga
we’re learning Rabbit Pose or
Bunny Posture or Hare Pose.
H-A-R-E. (laughs)
This is a great near inversion.
I love, love, love this posture
because it reminds me
that we need to practice
and be attentive
to this idea of calm
and this practice of breathing
in tight or
uncomfortable situations.
The Foundations of
Yoga series is really great
’cause it just
gives us an opportunity
to play with the postures,
to break it down,
to workshop, to explore and
hopefully have a little fun.
So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started.
(upbeat guitar music)
Alrighty my friends, welcome.
In the Foundations
of Yoga series
we don’t just do the pose,
but we very much
embrace this idea of process
and really put that into
play while learning the pose.
You’re rarely going to
see us just jump right into,
like today, Rabbit Posture,
but rather we need
to warm up the body
to make sure
that we’re connected.
Right away, think of
the body as one moving part,
rather than a bunch
of disjointed parts.
We’re gonna maybe
bring a little blanket
or towel to pad the knees.
We’re gonna come to all fours
and just start with some
gentle spinal flexion, Cat-Cow.
Most everyone is
familiar with this.
See if you can slow it down
and start to sync up
with your breath right away.
So as you inhale you
press into your hands and feet
and drop the belly,
open the chest.
Find length in the front body.
And then as you exhale start
to round opposite direction,
chin to chest, heart lifts up
between the shoulder blades.
You’re really pressing
into the tops of your
feet and all 10 fingers.
Then again, inhale, drop
the belly, open the chest.
Gentle tug of the shoulders back
so you create lots
of length in the neck.
And then exhale,
start with the tail,
rounding through chin to chest.
Again, especially as we
prepare for Rabbit Pose,
press away from your
yoga mat so you feel this lift
in the upper back body, this
hollowing up through the chest.
Alright, one more time,
inhale to drop the belly.
And exhale to really round,
draw the navel up this time.
Press, press, press
away from your foundation.
Try to draw your nose
towards your navel on this one.
Awesome, then inhale,
come back to a neutral
position, neutral spine.
You’re just gonna
bump the hips to the left
and then turn and look
past your right shoulder.
Take a deep breath
in and then exhale,
press away from
your hands and feet here.
And then slowly come
back to the neutral spine.
Awesome work, and then
bump the hips to the right.
Turn and look past
your left shoulder.
Inhale in and then exhale
press away from your yoga mat.
Beautiful, inhale,
come back to neutral spine.
Then exhale, you’re
gonna drop the elbows
right where the hands were.
I have my blocks
right here so I’ll use them.
Nice and slow you’re
gonna walk the knees back
and come into a
heart-to-earth pose.
We’re really opening up
through the
shoulders and chest here.
You’re lifting up
through the hip creases,
feeling that stretch all the
way through the back body.
If you have a block,
it’s nice to keep a block
between the
index finger and thumb
so that your fingers aren’t
coming in or splaying out,
but staying nice and square.
And then just lift your tail
and since we’re
focusing on Rabbit Pose today,
think of a little bunny’s tail.
I know this is silly as heck,
but just give yourself a visual.
Right at the coccyx you have
like a little bunny tail.
Try to lift that part up
towards the sky even more,
creating more
length and more space.
Then breathe, send
awareness with each inhale
all the way to your tail.
And then back up and out
through the nose or the mouth.
Again, creating
spaciousness here.
Then connect to your core
to come out of this shape.
Draw the navel up and
in, slowly rise back up.
Walk the hands
underneath the shoulders.
Walk the knees
underneath the hips.
Now we’re gonna take the
right fingertips forward.
Feel light in your left wrist,
so don’t crash
into your left wrist.
Lift your heart,
feel a lightness
as you inhale, reach forward.
And then exhale,
thread the needle.
We’re waking up
the upper back body.
Right fingertips are
gonna go underneath the bridge
of the right arm and
you’re gonna rest your right ear
on the earth or on a block.
Lots of loving,
beautiful, big inhales here
to really make the most of this.
Then just notice where you
might be gripping or holding
and see if you can
soften there, breathe deep.
Should feel really good.
Then again you can imagine
that little pom-pom of a tail
on your coccyx and just lift
that part up towards the sky,
creating more
spaciousness in the pelvis.
Lifting the hip creases
up should feel really good.
Then last but not least,
you can choose a variation
with the left hand, either
taking it up towards the sky,
maybe left hand on
the small of the back,
or all the way forward.
Make a choice and
then take a deep breath in
and a long breath out.
Then slowly we’ll make
our way back up through
and take it to the other side.
Again, try to
find a lightness here
so you’re not just
diving into the shape,
but find a little buoyancy.
Use an inhale to reach
the left fingertips forward.
Find expansion, length,
and then thread the
needle on the other side.
Stay present, notice what
it feels like on this side.
Breathing deep.
Give the thinking
mind a break here.
Just stay present with
the sensation of the body
and the quality of your breath.
And again,
lifting the hip creases,
feeling the sits
bones spread left to right,
creating an
awesome spaciousness.
Breathing, breathing, breathing.
And when you’re ready to,
find a variation that
feels good with the top arm,
make a choice and breathe deep.
Take one more big inhale here.
Exhale to unravel and
bring it back to
center, awesome.
Alright, so walk the knees
right underneath the hip points
if they’re aren’t already.
Notice I say hip points
because the hip
sometimes is a little bit wider.
Wanna really bring
these bones into alignment
so the top of the
thigh bone’s coming up
and into the hip crease here.
Just an image, so
we’re stacking the bones.
For now we’re gonna come
onto the tops of the feet.
Right away we’re gonna
start to gather some energy
up through the lower belly.
Here it is just kinda blah.
We’re gonna
draw navel in and up,
find that Uddiyana
Bandha, that navel lock.
Draw the navel in and up.
Then we’re gonna slowly,
you can of course use a little
blanket to pad the knees.
If you need to press pause
and go ahead and
grab one, you can.
But for Rabbit Pose
we’re really gonna focus
on the sensation over the shape.
I know when I was younger
I used to just cram myself
into this posture
’cause I wanted to make it.
Now I’ve backed
off a lot to just focus
on the sensation over the shape.
It’s amazing how, if
you practice this regularly,
it will evolve, body is amazing.
Nice and slow we’re
gonna walk the fingertips
underneath the shoulder blades
and just narrow
this Tabletop Position
so that the spine
is starting to round.
The navel’s drawing in and up.
Obviously now
my upper back bardy,
let’s party, upper back bardy.
My upper back body
is starting to lift up,
chest lifting.
There’s like this
doming effect, right?
Okay, so I’m cultivating
the support from within
with Mula Bandha,
pelvic floor lift.
Navel draws in and up,
I hug the lower ribs in.
You might just stay
here working on this.
So great for the upper back
body, so great for your posture.
Press into the tops of the feet.
So great for the nervous system,
and breathe, to continue.
I’m gonna slowly maintain
this energy in the front body,
this gathering up and in.
Press into the tops of the feet.
I’m gonna continue to
walk my hands all the way back
and as I do that,
I’m gonna reach the crown of
my head towards the ground.
In order to do that, I’m gonna
draw my nose towards my navel
to maybe get the crown
of the head on the ground.
If not, I’ll just
work as best I can.
I can also use a block or
a little stacking of towels
to bring the crown of the head
to the mat there and work here.
Crown of the head
comes to the ground,
chin comes in up
towards the chest.
I’m not worrying
about grabbing my heels yet,
I’m just working on
finding this support,
this gathering of
energy through the front body
as I press into
the tops of the feet.
You can take breaks at any time.
We’re here to
workshop this and play.
See if you can bring your
breath more into the picture
the longer you’re in this shape.
Let the breath
support you, guide you.
And then if you’re here, you
might interlace the fingertips
or grab opposite
wrists behind the legs.
We start to find a little
pressing of the
tops of the feet,
a little resistance
as we lift the hips up
and then press into the earth,
so a little yielding here.
Playing with opposition.
I’m not gripping,
I’m not holding,
I’m not clenching in my
jaw or furrowing my brow.
I’m breathing nice and easy.
Cool, press into
the tops of the feet,
release the arms, and
slow and in control roll up.
Stack head over heart,
heart over pelvis.
We’ll just be here for one
beat just to give it a break,
especially if this shape is new,
and then enjoy that yoga high.
Feeling good, rabbits.
Alright, let’s go
for it one more time.
Make sure the knees are in check
right underneath the hip points.
Take a deep breath in,
long breath out.
Connect to your feet, don’t
forget about your feet here.
Hands are gonna
come down to the earth.
As you’re ready, walk ’em back.
As you start to walk ’em back,
start to cultivate that energy
up through the front body.
Maybe you just bring
them behind the knees
for this round again,
grabbing opposite wrists
or interlacing the fingertips.
Or maybe this time you
reach back to grab the heels.
Now, sometimes you
can shorten the distance
by curling the toes under,
grabbing the heels,
and then working from here.
But again, for too
many years I feel like
I just wanted to
come in the shape
and I bypassed creating
all this length and space.
Now lift the hip creases
up the same way you did
when we lifted our tails.
Press into the shins, press
into the tops of the feet.
I’m not putting a ton of weight
on the crown of the head, guys.
I’m not hurting my neck,
I’m being super mindful.
I’m keeping my
shoulders nice and stable.
Breathing deep here,
hugging the lower ribs in.
Creating so much
spaciousness in the back body.
There’s this gentle compression
on the internal organs
as I lift up through the
front body, so great
for your body,
oh my gosh, so good.
Feeling the blood
flow opposite direction.
This can be a
frustrating posture too,
so just breathe deep, explore.
Notice I’m not
collapsing in the shoulders
but drawing them away.
One more breath
here, you got it.
And then with control, slowly
release hands to support.
From here, we’re gonna
walk the hands forward
and we’re gonna
cross the ankles behind us
and we’re going to use
the fingertips to guide you,
but we’re gonna
come to Sukhasana.
You should feel
all the blood flow
shifting once again, it
should feel really good.
Just see if you can tag a little
weight in your elbows here
as you lift up
through your heart.
Feels good.
Rabbit Pose can
bring energy to the body,
it can bring a focus, a clarity.
Nice, fresh rinse
to the energetic channels
that run up and down the spine.
Encouraging healthy
flow of energy,
healthy blood flow.
I invite you to practice
Rabbit Pose maybe once a week
and just see how it goes,
see how it grows.
You can also add
a little Rabbit Pose
to the end of another practice
just like you would a
Crow Pose or a back bend
and just see how it
evolves through time.
We’ll draw the hands
together, Prayer Position.
And just because,
let’s think of something
that we’re thankful for today
and place it
right between the hands.
Could be someone or something.
It could be chocolate.
Whatever came to
your mind, go with that.
Something you’re grateful for.
Then take a deep breath
’cause we have so
much to be grateful for.
For me, this yoga
practice and this community
is certainly one of them,
one of the things
I am most grateful for.
Inhale, lift your heart, smile.
Exhale, we bow.
(upbeat guitar music)

RABBIT POSE  -  Sasangasana  -  15 Minute Yoga Practice

All credits go to Yoga With Adriene