Office yoga stretch

Office yoga stretch

We will now begin
our office stretch. First stand with your
feet hip width apart
hands at your sides.
Take in deep breaths through your nose. As you breathe in
imagine your abdomen pushing out
and as you breathe out, your abdomen pulls in.
Do this four more times at your own pace.

We will next move into shoulder rolls.
Gently roll both your shoulders back
up and then down. Do this five times

Let’s repeat this in reverse. Roll your
shoulders forward
up and then down. Forward, up
and then down. Do this five times

and standing with your feet
distance apart reach behind you
and imagine that you are holding a large
beach ball
as you squeeze this ball, feel your chest stretch and expand.
if you like
you can clasp your hands behind your
back. Take five
deep breaths at your own pace.

keep your hands at your sides
and as you inhale, gently raise your
hands palm facing up
at chest level start to turning your palms
out, continue to raise your hands over
Rise up on your toes, if possible, as you
fully extend your arms
palms facing the sky, fingertips touching, and eyes watching your hands.
Hold your breath for a few seconds, then lower yourself back on your heels.
Now move your body to the right slowly
stretching your side, then returned
to midline
and move your hand to the other side.
Return back to midline
and gently lower your hands back down to
their sides.

Next, as you inhale, lift your hands
palm up to your stomach level, keep
extending your left arm over your head
with your palm up fingers pointing to
the right, while at the same time
bring your right hand down to your side with your palm down, fingers pointing to your left.
Take five deep breaths
at your own pace.

On the next inhalation, reverse
the movement
by bringing your hands to chest level.
Keep extending your right arm
over your head with you palm up, fingers pointing to the left.
while at the same time bring your left
hand down to your side
with your fingers pointing to your right. Take five deep breaths

We will now move on to the chair version
of downward-facing-dog in yoga.
Make sure you are standing behind a chair
or the edge a table
and grab onto the chair with your hands.
Place your feet
further back. Eventually your head comes
between your arms to make an L shape
with your body
Make sure your knees slightly bent
to protect you back.
Focus on lengthening your sacrum pushes out.
Take five deep rats at your own pace,
and gently walk forward towards the chair
and place the chair behind you
and gently sit down on the chair.
The next movements will focus on
twists as we are seated. Take a deep
while exhaling, twist to your right
with the movement starting at your belly
button and moving . Your left hand touches
the right arm of the chair
as you gaze towards your right side. Elongate your spine
as you extend your head and neck upwards to protect your back.
Take 5 deep breaths.
On the next inhalation, gently twist to
your lift
starting from your belly button moving up.
The right hand touches the left
arm of your chair
as you gaze towards the left side. Take
five deep breaths

On the next inhalation untwist as you face the front.
Take a deep breath. This concludes our
I hope that you feel refreshed.

Office yoga stretch

All credits go to Cathi Misquitta