MEUS CUIDADOS COM OS CABELOS – com receita de máscara caseira (Vegan e orgânico)

MEUS CUIDADOS COM OS CABELOS – com receita de máscara caseira  (Vegan e orgânico)

Hi, guys! How are you doing?
Today I’m here to talk about something
which was very requested by you guys in the comments.
It is: “My hair care routine”.
Let’s go?
My hair care routine
Well, I hope I don’t let many of you down,
because I don’t think my hair is that amazing.
But it’s natural and “organic”.
I don’t really care for my hair, actually.
About 4 years ago,
when I got into this journey of mine,
about 4 or 5 years ago, a detoxifying journey
in which I tried to pollute my body as little as possible,
I shaved my head bald.
I’ll show you a picture for you to see how I looked.
Of course it had a lot to do with spirituality.
It was about resetting, saying good-bye to the past
and starting it over.
Because when you think about hair,
where were you when this part was growing?
It carries a lot of energy.
Have you ever realized that when we want to change
we usually get a new haircut, right?
It’s all about that.
When you change jobs, break up a relationship,
it feels like you want to unattach from something.
In my case, it was something very deep.
It was a rebirth.
I’ll eventually talk more about that.
Being bald was very nice for me
as I got to try many natural things out on my hair.
Such as not washing the hair.
It was much easier being bald and having short hair.
Before I shaved my head bald and started this path
towards a more natural and as simple as possible life,
I used to get my hair highlighted.
I’ll also show you a picture of how my hair used to look.
I never really cared for it, I never had it straightened.
And I obviously used regular shampoos,
some of them very expensive, you can imagine,
which made your hair look as if it were in a commercial
for very soft hair.
Because I won’t lie to you guys.
Using natural products won’t make your hair look
extremely soft,
like it does when you use petroleum products.
Because silicone makes your hair look more divided,
so it feels much less tangled.
When your hair is washed in a more natural way,
it looks more natural.
There’s no secret about that.
I know that those who are starting this journey
really struggle with finding a product that fits their hair.
And again,
results will come from within.
So there’s no use eliminating the chemicals
and keeping on polluting your inner body.
It has all to do with nutrition and diet.
Purify your diet
so that it reflects outside
and your hair is nourished.
And you clearly need to be patient during this process.
Think that all this hair is old. It has grown.
You need to wait for the new hair to grow.
Being bald was a very nice process for me
because I could see this change
gradually happen in my life.
And while I was bald, as I told you,
I didn’t wash my hair for some time.
And I also used the baking soda/vinegar technique.
As I’ve talked to you before
about the Ayurveda philosophy, which is
not to put on your skin anything you wouldn’t eat.
It’s obviously not that literal.
When you buy an Ayurvedic product, for instance,
you’re not going to take a shampoo and drink it.
But you’re aware that all the ingredients in that product
are extracted and come from
vegetables, plants and products that won’t harm you
in case you eat them.
It’s very important, because our scalp
has much more open pores than our skin.
Just look at it.
Look where the hair grows from, and you’ll see that
hair follicles have much more open pores
than our skin.
Everybody forgets that.
It’s right next to the brain, isn’t it?
How much heavy chemicals we absorb
from aggressive hair dyes.
How much we absorb from toxic products
like parabens, which come from petroleum
and in the long-term are small doses of poison you take.
There aren’t many studies out there,
but the few available already claim that
they’re carcinogenic.
As well as sulfate, found in most shampoos,
which is the ingredient responsible for that foam.
Apart from many other ingredients,
which I’ll leave in the description box below
for you to check your shampoos
and try to avoid such substances.
It’s the least we can do
not to pollute our bodies even more.
Look, I’m not here to… Look, again:
we’re evolving human beings.
I’m not trying to say you shouldn’t dye your hair
and you should leave it super natural,
and it’s natural to let it be white.
I find white hair very beautiful.
But some people like to have it dyed,
and that’s OK.
Why not to look for less aggressive hair dye, then?
Like henna hair dye, for example.
Or even if you’re wanting to bleach it,
try not to dye it too close to your scalp
try to have it done from roots to tips,
using ammonia-free hydrogen peroxide
or other products you find out there.
Or even bleach it naturally.
I know it’s hard.
But you can take a little step at a time.
Back to when I was bald,
I tried the famous vinegar and baking soda
and I’m not trying to say it doesn’t work for anybody.
But for me…
It’s just like the video I made about natural deodorant.
People start using something,
especially famous people
who inspire many other people on social media,
they start using, find it amazing,
promote it for everybody, like “I’m using it” and all,
and then they simply stop using it.
You really wash your hair,
because you open and close your hair cuticles.
However, in the long term,
I realized it started to unbalance my scalp’s pH,
and I started having dandruff.
I kept using it for a while to really try it,
but it didn’t work for me.
I’ll use vinegar and baking soda as a non-residue
whenever I’m making a hair mask.
I think it really works, especially for you
who are still using chemical products
from petroleum.
When you make a hair mask
or start using natural products
do a deep cleanse.
And I’ll eventually show you how you can do it.
The second thing I tried was not to wash my hair.
And I feel it’s something that also works.
Because it has to do with preserving your bacteria
and keeping your natural pH.
But, unfortunately, the water coming from our taps
are filled with chlorine,
which kill our bacteria and unbalance our pH.
It worked for me during the first week.
I have normal to dry hair.
It’s not very oily,
unless I don’t wash it for a long time
or sweat too much.
On the first week, I felt like I could fry things on my hair.
It got really oily, you know?
Because I didn’t wash it.
But after a week or so,
washing it with water only,
I felt my hair started to be reborn.
It started looking shiny and beautiful and even soft.
Of course it was short, so it was easier to try it out.
But what really got me, guys,
was the smell.
I’m a person who is really sensitive to smells.
I guess whoever works with cooking and tastes
and with this alchemy,
has a very sensitive sense of smell.
And it was very uncomfortable for me.
I don’t even really like perfume,
so my shampoos and conditioners
only contain essential oils, which last for a short period.
But I couldn’t stand getting to a place, for example
I got to a place where people were smoking
or something was being fried,
any smell that would get into your hair,
because you know such things get into your hair.
And then I couldn’t wash it.
I used water and it didn’t remove the smell.
You know when you’re here and you smell something,
and that smell doesn’t get out.
That really bothered me.
Even if you’re washing with natural products,
even if you’re washing with baking soda,
these really clean it and remove the smell.
But water itself doesn’t clean it, you know?
It won’t remove the smell.
I feel this technique works.
but the ideal would be to have extremely pure water,
or to have a filter in the shower.
And you can’t be too sensitive to smell.
Because for me it was strange.
Obviously it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for anybody.
Some people don’t care about it,
some people realize the smell will disappear,
or even use some technique by spraying a tonic
or something with essential oils
which removes the smell.
But I thought I shouldn’t continue the process.
And I’d really like to hear your experiences down below.
And even if you continue using such techniques.
After I tried it all,
I gave in and accepted I wanted to wash my hair
with the least harmful products possible.
So I started looking for good companies,
which made shampoos and conditioners
and had as few harmful ingredients as possible.
I found some and tried them out.
Organic and vegan shampoos.
And again, it’s not because it’s vegan
that it won’t have sulfate, petroleum or parabens,
but they usually do.
I always looked for the most organic and natural ones.
I’ll bring you – I’m not in my house in Sao Paulo –
but I asked someone to video my bathroom,
they way it looks today, in Sao Paulo, with my products.
And as you can see in the video,
they’re industrialized products,
there’s a brand which is exactly the same as this one,
but the packaging is different.
You guys know I don’t really like merchandising here
because I actually feel you have to try it,
because they worked for me.
These shampoo and conditioner might not work for you.
These are imported shampoo and conditioner,
which I buy here in the US,
the packaging changes, but it’s a shampoo I really like.
It’s organic, it only has essential oils,
and vegetable source ingredients.
However, there are many good Brazilian brands,
like some I’ll leave in the box below for you,
so you can find and also try.
For those who are now looking for more natural things,
you have to be patient, because these shampoos
won’t foam.
I got used to them, so I don’t care.
They almost have no smell or scent.
So you’ll use them and soon after they’ll be gone.
The smell will be gone from your hair.
But they cleanse and make your hair look really good.
Again, your hair won’t look like
the silicone and petroleum one,
which is super soft like this.
You need to get used to it.
Because you have to detoxify
and get rid of this hair addiction.
I also use some hair masks,
I sometimes use once a week,
masks that I buy or natural masks,
which I’ll show you a recipe at the end of the video.
Another tip I give you is pracaxi oil,
you guys know it’s my sweetheart,
pracaxi essential oil.
I’ll leave everything in the description box below for you.
I use it as a natural silicon.
I usually don’t dry my hair using a hair dryer.
Unless when it’s cold or I have to go out.
I usually let it look more natural,
but I apply a little when I dry it,
a little of this oil,
it works like a natural light silicon
at the hair ends.
So I suggest you do the same if you want to.
Now I’ll show you a video I made about my hair mask,
I make it since I was a child,
I changed it and improved it,
especially after I learned about essential oils.
Let’s watch it?
Homemade hair mask
I’ll show you the recipe for this homemade hair mask,
which is a mask I always make,
I just change some things now and then,
but it’s very simple.
I’ve already washed my hair.
I ended up using that miraculous mixture,
I washed my hair using baking soda.
So I used, in a little container like this,
I filled it with about 100mL or 150mL of water
for one tablespoon of baking soda.
I washed my hair with it, really massaging the scalp,
you can feel the oil and the dirt getting off,
especially those who still use
petroleum shampoos and conditioners
filled with chemicals.
To close your hair cuticles,
because we can’t leave our pH unbalanced,
we need to come back to our natural pH.
I used the same ratio of one tablespoon
for 100mL or 150mL of water,
of apple cider vinegar.
What did I do?
I applied the vinegar using a pump spray
all over the hair, I massaged it and washed it.
It’s still a little humid.
The cuticles are closed.
The hair is ready to receive the mask.
Its base is also a fruit.
I really like avocado,
but I sometimes use bananas,
sometimes I use papaya,
I’m using half an avocado.
You can use any fruit you have.
Avocados are very good because they’re very hydrating.
Even those who have oily hair,
it won’t make your hair even oilier,
it’ll hydrate it in a more natural way.
Leaving it strong and shiny.
I’ll start with an optional ingredient,
but I really like to use,
especially for those who suffer from hair loss
or even dry hair.
It’s very good for curly hair.
I’ll use sprouted flax seeds.
I’ll make a kind of gel out of it.
I taught you guys here before,
in the flax seeds smoothie video and other recipes,
but I’ll do it again with you guys.
I have one tablespoon of flax seeds
which were soaked for about 8 hours in water.
It didn’t have to be 8 hours, as it’s for the hair.
But, in my case, I left it for 8 hours, OK?
I’ll use it and I’ll blend it with more water.
Because the water I used for the flax seeds,
which was 1 tablespoon flax for 5 tablespoons water,
was sucked.
So I’ll use about 10 more tablespoons to blend it.
I say it’s optional,
but it’s very nice for you to use it, OK?
Because I know it’s a bit more hardworking.
For the mask to work with other properties,
the other ingredients I’ll show you will be enough.
I’m using the “drilled pan”,
those who don’t know it there’ also a link here
on how to do it.
And I’ll strain it.
Why am I straining it?
Don’t be dumb, guys,
to apply this unstrained gel on your head.
Because I’ve done that.
And do you what happens?
The flax shells will never get off your head.
You wash, wash and wash and the seeds remain there.
So don’t do that.
Strain it right away, look.
Like I’m doing here.
You’ll strain it and this gel with come off.
Another tip I give you is,
you can make it in bigger amounts,
keep it in the fridge,
try to keep it in a darker jar,
dark, closed and well hidden in the fridge.
For those who have curly hair,
you can use this.
I’ve never tried it, OK guys?
But I’ve heard from people who use it, OK?
They use it as a curls activator.
If you have curly hair and try it out,
let me know what you think, OK?
For us to better promote it to other people.
Another ingredient I’ll use,
and this one I highly recommend you use,
because it’ll make your hair shiny,
it has anti-inflammatory function,
it is aloe vera.
In California, strangely enough,
it’s very easy to find it in the house’s yards.
This one was “borrowed” from a garden,
with much love. Gratitude, neighbors.
I had a vase in Sao Paulo, so I used it very often.
If you don’t have it, you can use aloe vera’s gel,
if you can’t even get this, that’s OK.
Use some filtered water,
or even rejuvelac.
If you want a hint on the best leaf to take,
it’s the one with the “fallen” leaves, can you see?
When it’s like this, it means it’s riper.
When it’s like this, it means it’s too young,
so it won’t have a lot of gel.
I left it in this jar for 10 or 15 minutes,
for the gel to come down a little.
I’ll even put it in the blender.
I don’t have my camera assistant today, I’m alone.
So I hope you guys can see it from there.
How do I cut it open?
I first remove the edges, the thorns, you know?
I first remove the thorns.
From both sides.
I remove the skin using the knife,
in the rounder side.
I remove the skin like this.
You can also use this gel
keeping it blended in the fridge,
and use it, whenever possible, when washing the hair,
leaving some on your scalp,
for those who have dandruff or hair loss.
Then you can keep it in the fridge,
but I recommend being very careful with aloe vera,
really sanitize your hands and the objects you use
for you not to contaminate it
and for you to keep it in the fridge for longer.
After I exposed it,
I remove all the aloe vera “meat” using a spoon.
Its pulp.
I’ll add in the half avocado,
I’ll use about 3 or 5 drops of rosemary essential oil.
If you don’t have the oil in hand,
that’s OK, you don’t have to use it in the recipe.
But what does rosemary essential oil help you with?
It helps activating your scalp.
It helps your hair to grow faster and stronger.
It’s very good to activate your bloodstream.
I’ll add in the flax seeds gel to help it blend.
I didn’t have to, I could mix with my hands.
And let’s blend it up.
Once this mixture is blended,
I divide it in two parts.
Why’s that?
Because the lightest part
I’ll apply onto my scalp up to the middle of my hair.
And in the second part,
I’ll add one tablespoon of vegetable oil
or vegetable butter.
I recommend copaiba oil,
especially for those who have a lot of hair loss,
have “sicker” hair
in need for a bigger treatment.
And then you add in here,
especially if you have drier hair,
you can even apply it onto your scalp.
But as my scalp is quite healthy,
I just want to hydrate it from the tips down,
I’ll use one tablespoon of melted shea butter,
The same butter I taught you to use on your armpits.
It could also be coconut oil.
I’ll leave the options down below for you, as I said.
For you to have an idea.
And now you just…
Don’t judge me for doing this in the kitchen.
It’s too much work taking you guys to the bathroom.
Turn on all the lights, sound, bla bla bla…
So please, guys. I’ll do it here in the kitchen.
I hope my roommates don’t see it.
I’m kidding, they’ll see it and will approve it.
But it’s just so you guys understand, OK?
I’ll apply the first part onto my scalp.
You can even divide it into strends.
If you feel like it.
Apply it the way it’s best for you.
Leave it in place for about 15/20 minutes.
You can cover your head with a shower cap or a hot towel.
Wash it as usual using shampoo and conditioner 😉
Well, getting back.
Today isn’t the same day I videoed the mask.
Because I couldn’t record it.
So my hair today doesn’t have the mask.
I’ll show you guys a picture
of how my hair looks after I apply the mask.
I’d really like your opinion on how your hair looked.
Bring recipes here too,
or comments,
or questions you may have,
because you asked me a lot for this video.
But I didn’t really know what you guys wanted to know.
Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it
and also share this video
so this channel keeps growing
and bring more videos for you.
Gratitude. See you next video.

MEUS CUIDADOS COM OS CABELOS - com receita de máscara caseira  (Vegan e orgânico)

All credits go to Taty Alencar