Jeûne sec 5 jours – Dry fasting 5 days

Jeûne sec  5 jours – Dry fasting 5 days

Hello everyone ! You will find on this video of dry fasting I want to make during 4/5 days
I have already done last mont two dry fasting during 2 and 3 days
That equals to 60h and 85h
Dry fasting is no food and no water
I will talk later about physiology of dry fasting
Last days, I have mainly eating fruits such as melon, watermelon and pistachio
to have an easy start for this period
I will update you about my sensations, feelings during this experience
I’m glad to share with you. See you soon.
First day is over, everything is OK
No need of food, water. Urines are heavy.
Little noise in the stomach at the end of day.
Nothing more to say. See you tomorrow !
Last news about this experience of dry fasting
This morning we cycled during 2h and a half to join my grand-ma, on a 30 km distance.
No difficulties for this exercise, a little pain in the legs at the end of track.
Not hungry, no thirsty, the mouth is a little thick. Nothing unbearable, so I continue. See you !
48h of dry fasting, I feel good, no symptoms. Not hungry, not thirsty.
Urines are a little more loaded
Sometimes, people ask if dry fasting is not dangerous because of dehydration
I want to bring information concerning the source of water available in the body
Thanks to the process of fat burning, the body releases H20
The water already available in bad cells is deviated to healthy cells.
It kills bad cells, which are going to become food for other cells
Other difference with an hydric fasting, cells are consuming faster their own waste, without demanding on emunctory.
Detoxification crisis can be handled with a better way, because less toxins are released.
See you tomorrow !
Third day of fasting, it’s 11 o’clock, the night has been more difficult than before with frequently woke up
I slept deeply in spite of this moments
I’ve just felt a little dizzy when I stood up, urines were quite loaded, brown colored
Second urines arrived at 10, more clear.
I’m just going to read and lie down
In my past experience, I had a lot of vertigo.This time, much less because temperature is lower.
Don’t need to adapt too much this time
I lost 3 kg in 2 days, that is quite fast.
See you later !
A little point after 3 complete days, I feel much more tired this afternoon
Not a lot of activities, just reading and resting like this morning
Still a lot of urines and clear.
I don’t feel hungry or thirsty. I hope I will spend a better night than before, sleeping outside
So we feel a little more fresh. I keep going !
Fourth day of dry fasting. I slept better and longer, despite woke up in the night
Not hungry, not thirsty. First urines are more loaded than before, with a strong smell
I still lose more than 1 kg per day
Just reading with a short 15/20 minutes walk in the evening
See you !
End of fourth day.Very strange feeling of being tired and not being able to sleep
I felt something in the stomach, very little symptoms, little vertigo
I’m still limitating activities, because I don’t feel OK with running 100m
Nervous ressources are used to clean what it needs
I lost 5kg, 61kg for 1m78, I’m loosing almost all my belly fat
I decided to continue until 5 days. See you tomorrow !
Fifth day of dry fasting, it’s 8 o’clock. I slept quite well tonight despite of sudden woke up. Two or three times, without any reason.
First pee is loaded, but the next are more clear.My mooth is little sticky, my teeth are OK.
In my previous experience, it wasn’t the case. I felt like I ate a lot of pasta, without brushing my teeth.
I also feel like the scale between my teeth disepeared.
I didn’t wash myself at all, I wanted to do it strictly.
Because when you put water on the skin, the body could take it to use it.
I don’t really know about this impact, but I preferred to avoid water totally.
Today, I’m going to rest, read and have a little fresh walk.
I feel the inside air is different from the outside, so I need to breath deeply.
See you tonight for the last video, conclusion of this experience
I’ll do an other one to tell you about the week after fasting.
The after fasting is as important as the fasting period
Hello everyone, I have not fasted alone, but with my mate very queued, Stip.
I am going to conclude this five days period, and after Stip will tell us about her experience
This last day was long and painful, I had a little accident, falling down because of getting up too fast.
Day by day, urines became more and more abundant
We lost 6,6 kg and 6,7kg in 5 days, so 1,3kg per day in average
Maybe, if someone who is too fat, dry fasting should be efficient
Clearly, it’s a physical challenge, very different from what I read on the internet.
Many people told that they were very strong, made physical exercise during this period.Totally different from what I lived.
Knowing that I am used to do sports, eating mainly raw fruits and vegetables, quite healthy.
What I should tell you is : DO YOU OWN EXPERIENCE, it’s the only way to know yourself.
At the level of mind, it’s an inside fight to break our cultural habits of eating very often and drinking.
Not to crack, knowing the body lives with its fat, in a limited time.
It’a also necessary to believe in life, in his body.
Believing in the capacity of eating from the inside.
It’s my conclusion, and now Stip is talking.
Concerning my feelings about those five days
The first two days were OK, difficulties arrived at the third day in the afternoon.
Very tired the fourth day, a little improvement on the fifth day.
From the third day, night became very split. Thrill in the morning, vertigo. But better for the last night.
Last day was long, I imagined eating a lot of things
I noticed my gum became very red close to my teeth
As if there was more blood circulating
No pain, but just an observation
Very happy of this experience, a little rest, a good melon
Thank you for following, and if you have any question, do not hesitate
We’ll be very happy to answer. Bye bye !!!!

Jeûne sec  5 jours - Dry fasting 5 days

All credits go to F Stip