Day 10 – Connect | BREATH – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Day 10 – Connect  |  BREATH – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

– What’s up everyone?
Welcome to BREATH,
your 30 day yoga journey.
It’s Day 10, baby.
And today we connect.
Let’s get started.
(bright upbeat piano music)
Okey doke, let’s
begin today’s practice
in Extended Child’s Pose.
If that’s not your jam
then you can just
start today’s practice
in a nice comfortable
seat of your choice.
As you get settled in,
we’ll begin by
taking opportunity
to soften the gaze
or close your eyes.
And if you’re in this
Extended Child’s Pose shape,
you can really
hunker down in your own
little cave here (chuckles)
and begin to connect to
your breath.
Whatever that
means to you today,
connecting to the
sound of your breath,
connecting to the
quality of your breath.
Maybe it was
particularly hard for you
to get to the
practice today but phew,
you made it, a sigh,
a nice long exhale,
if it feels good.
Connecting to your breath
could also mean connecting to
something greater than yourself.
Something such as a spirit,
or the spirit within,
which is of course
a reflection of
a greater spirit perhaps.
Whatever it means for you today,
this is how we begin.
Connecting to the breath.
And in a moment, we’ll
try to take this connection
with us into the next moment
and into the next moment
and into the next moment.
Connecting the dots
with each present moment.
Soften through the jaw.
If you’re seated,
maybe draw small
circles with the nose
one way, and then the other.
If you’re an
Extended Child’s Pose,
maybe begin to
rock on the forehead,
massaging the brow bone here.
Maybe turning to
look to the left
and turning to
look to the right.
And then bring
it back to center.
Press firmly through the palms,
press into the tops of the feet,
lift your heart to bring it up.
Walk the knees underneath
the hips, curl the toes under,
and slowly peel the hips up high
and send them back
for Downward Facing Dog.
Stretch it out here, but
stay connected to your breath.
Then when you’re ready,
inhale to look forward.
Exhale to make
your way to the top,
baby steps or ragdoll
or maybe a hop.
At the top of your mat find your
Forward Fold, bend your knees.
And I’m going to invite you
to interlace your fingertips
behind the calves
and ankles today.
Again, bend your
knees generously.
Letting the head hang,
shifting your weight
a little front and back
until you can
center your weight.
Connecting to all
four corners of the foot.
Excellent, now
release the fingers
and we’ll slowly
begin to roll it up.
Letting the arms hang heavy
like a rag doll
connecting to the feet.
Inhale in here.
Use your exhale
to drop the shoulders
down away from the ears.
And inhale in again,
let’s send the fingertips up.
Big stretch as
you reach for the sky.
And then exhale, bend the knees
nice and slow, Forward Fold.
Inhale, lifts up halfway,
nice long, beautiful neck here.
And exhale
Forward Fold back down.
Back up the way we came here,
inhale, reach for the sky.
Big breath in,
wiggle the fingertips.
Exhale, hands to heart center.
Inhale in here.
Exhale to relax the shoulders.
Good, again, inhale,
fingertips go down to come up.
Reach for the sky,
full body stretch, strong legs.
Exhale, wiggle the fingertips,
Forward Fold all the way down.
Stay connected to the
breath as you inhale.
Nice flat back position.
Long, beautiful neck here.
Exhale, fold.
Inhale, step just
the left toes back.
Stay up on the fingertips here.
Careful not to crash
down into the fingertips.
Then inhale to look forward.
Beautiful, exhale slowly, lower
the left knee to the earth.
Inhale, you’re gonna
take your left foot,
swing it over to the
right side of your mat
and then use your fingertips
to lightly crawl your
way all the way to the back,
left hand to the mat.
We’re going to turn the
right toes in and then inhale,
slide your right
fingertips across the chest
and then all the
way up towards the sky.
Little Gate Pose variation.
Now connect to your center
here by hugging the low ribs in.
Careful not to
collapse in the neck here.
Really lengthen
through the crowns.
So remember the neck is
an extension of the spine.
Now press away
from your yoga mat.
So you grow a
little bit taller here,
reaching towards
the sky, inhale.
Exhale, back down
the way you came,
right fingertips
come all the way down.
Then we use the fingertips to
slowly crawl it to the front,
bending the front knee,
bringing the left foot back.
Curl the left toes under,
left hand comes down.
Inhale, stay connected
to your breath
as you open up into your twist,
right fingertips
up towards the sky,
right hip crease peeling back.
Left heel really reaching towards
the back edge of your mat.
Spiral your heart open,
open up towards the sky.
And then when you’re ready,
slowly follow an exhale.
Bring it all the way back down.
Both hands on the mat now,
we’ll step the right toes back.
Inhale in.
Exhale straight to Down Dog.
Or if you want
a little vinyasa here,
go ahead and take it.
Opening the heart in
Cobra or Upward Facing Dog.
And together we will meet
in Downward Facing Dog.
Inhale in.
Exhale, anchor,
anchor in the breath.
Good, inhale in
again to bend the knees.
And exhale to make
your way up to the top.
inhale to lift halfway.
Exhale to soften and fold.
Root to rise here, inhale,
reach for the sky.
Big breath, big stretch.
Listen carefully, exhale,
wiggle the fingertips,
take it all the way back down.
Inhale halfway lift.
Exhale, soften and fold.
Fingertips on the mat.
We’re gonna step the
right foot back now.
Stay light on the fingertips.
And then slowly
lowering to the right knee.
Beautiful, inhale,
open the chest, look forward.
So neck is an extension of
the spine here, nice and long.
And then exhale,
we’ll bring the right toes
over towards the
left side of the mat.
Bring your left
fingertips around,
crawl on the right edge
of your mat all the way back
until the right
hand comes to the earth.
We turn the left toes in.
We press that hand
away to create space,
stay connected to your center
as you slowly
hug the low ribs in
and take the left
fingertips across the chest
and up towards the sky.
I’m not collapsing
in the neck here.
Crown of the head
is reaching forward.
Good, inhale in here.
Press away from
the mat a little more.
See if you can
reach a little higher,
press into the outer
edge of your left foot.
Good, then slowly bring
it back down nice and easy.
Back the way you came,
nice and slow.
Seeing if you can stay
connected to your center,
your core, as you transition.
And we’ll curl the toes under,
plant the right palm,
big breath here for our twist
as we reach the left
fingertips up towards the sky.
Start to find some nuance here
as we play with repetition.
Reaching that right heel back,
spiraling the heart
up towards the sky.
Beautiful, then
slowly bring it back down.
And again, you get to decide,
connect to your body.
Connect to the level
of energy you have today.
Maybe you can take it to Plank
and then straight
to Downward Dog.
Or maybe a little vinyasa,
Cobra, Upward Facing Dog.
We’ll meet in
Downward Facing Dog.
Reconnect with the
sound of your breath here.
Maybe close your eyes.
Then bend the knees,
inhale to look forward.
And exhale to make
your way to the top.
Inhale, flat back position,
your version, long neck.
Exhale to soften and fold.
Root to rise here, inhale,
reach for the sky.
Ground through your feet.
And exhale, hands to heart.
Pause here, maybe
close your eyes again.
Listen to the
sound of your breath.
This practice,
particularly the daily practice,
is such a beautiful
opportunity, right,
for us to connect, right?
Just unplug all the other stuff
and plug in inward,
plug into ourselves.
Continuing to make the effort
to get to know ourselves and
staying curious about that
truth that is
uniquely yours.
Excellent, from here,
we’ll release the fingertips.
We’re gonna step
the feet nice and wide.
So you’ll turn on your mat.
Step the feet nice and wide.
And give
yourself a little space,
so maybe back up a little bit
so you have some
room in front of you,
then we’ll turn the toes in.
We’ll press into the
outer edges of the feet
and lift up from the
arches like we know.
Drawing energy all the
way up through the inseam,
lifting up from
the pelvic floor.
And then when you’re ready,
send your fingertips out.
Nice Texas T, pull.
Well, it’s not really a Texas T
if our feet are wide,
but you get it.
Okay, pull the pinkies back.
So we’re opening
up here, inhale in.
Exhale, interlace the
fingertips behind the back.
The knuckles draw down and away.
Keep the chest open.
Maybe the arms are a little sore
from previous practices,
maybe not.
And as the
knuckles draw down here,
you can just find soft,
easy movement with the neck.
Nodding yes, no,
maybe small circles one way
and then the other.
Good, then inhale in.
Exhale, feel that connection,
almost like we felt
in that breath of fire,
that sharp connection in the
core of the navel drawing in.
So we’ll try to recreate that,
and from that place of connect
that’s what
we’ll try to maintain
as we slowly send
the hip points back,
send the gaze forward.
And you’re only coming
into a flat back position here,
best you can.
If this is too much on the arms,
you can release the bind
and bring the
hands to the waistline.
But draw your
shoulder blades together.
And we’re maintaining
this core connection
as we hugged the lower ribs
up and in, really hug, hug, hug.
We’re looking down
into an imaginary pond.
We’re not locking out
through the knees here
so there’s a micro bend there.
We’re looking at our
reflection and we’re looking,
and we’re like, “Who am I?”
And then we’re
grounding through the feet
to come back up,
lift your heart.
Lift your head and
release the bind, beautiful.
Walk the feet in
just a little bit wider
than hip width apart.
And we’re going to
start to swing the arms
to one side and then the other.
Soft knees here,
knocking on heaven’s door.
Connecting to the energy.
The energetic side of our being.
Just roll with me.
So a lot of times
when I feel drained,
I do need to rest, but
sometimes when I feel drained,
it’s that I just have
been so disconnected.
I really just kind of
need to connect to my breath,
connect to my body.
And then that energy
just starts to come alive.
So pick up the pace a little
bit here and see what happens.
You might start to
discover there’s an opportunity
to slap your own booty here.
If so, embrace it, I say.
Again, soft bend in the knees.
We’re here for ten,
nine, maybe syncing
up with the breath.
It’s okay if you
feel goofy, five,
Three, I’d be worried if you
didn’t feel goofy. (chuckles)
And on the one, just let
it slow down and release.
Good, let’s walk the
feet back out, same thing.
Turn the toes in, press
into the knife edge of the feet.
And when I say that, I just
mean that sharp outer edge,
press it down, draw energy up.
Interlace the fingertips.
We’ll send the fingertips out
just so we have this space here.
So send of the fingertips
out left to right first,
breath in. Good.
Exhale, interlace again,
this time opposites on top.
So the one that feels a
little funky, a little weird.
Then draw the
knuckles down and away.
So go through your checklist,
you have it.
There’s lots of integrity here.
We’re strong in the legs.
We’re lifting up
from the pelvic floor.
Navel draws in and up.
And let’s go for a
little ride again. Inhale.
Exhale, send the hips back.
Strong feet.
Hug the low ribs in.
Keep the back nice and flat.
Tuck the chin.
Imagine placing a little tea cup
on the back of the neck here.
Good, staying nice and
open through the chest.
Core is engaged.
So we’re drawing
the navel up and in,
defying gravity here,
building a nice strong back.
Look into your imaginary pond.
Look at your
reflection and oh my gosh,
notice how beautiful you are.
Gorgeous, amazing.
Soft bend in the knees,
ground through the feet.
Let’s rise up,
take a deep breath in.
And exhale, release the bind.
Hands come
together at the heart.
Bend the knees, option
to hop the feet together
or fancy yoga term, heel-toe,
heel-toe the feet together.
I always want to say
Heel, toe, do-si-do
Come on, baby, let’s go
Boot scoot
Cadillac, blackjack
(laughing) Just kidding.
Baby let’s go out back,
I wanna boot scoot
Well, get down,
go to town, turn around
Boot scoot boogie
I don’t even know
if those are the words
but those are my words.
Take a deep breath in,
close your eyes.
as I just did, (laughs)
connect to your roots.
Feel your feet on the ground.
Zip up tight through the legs.
And if you feel
off-balance here,
you can open
your eyes and again,
just find that soft
gaze down past your nose.
Help with the stability.
Alright, inhale,
lift your heart to your thumb,
sternum to thumb, shift
your weight to your left foot.
We’ve been here before,
we got this.
Slowly lift the right knee
as if there was a
marionette string pulling it up.
Good, take the right hand
to the right shin
or the right ankle.
We’re going to open up
through that right hip
and maybe bring the right
foot either above the left knee
or below, even with
right toes on the ground.
Super awesome Tree Pose.
Now, in this Tree, I want
to see if you can connect
to this upward current of
energy through the front body
and then connect to this
grounding current of energy
through the back body.
So it’s through this balance
of opposing
intentional energy waves
up and down that we
can find our midline.
In addition, right,
we have the alignment
of our body and the
action of maybe pressing
the left thigh in
to meet the right,
not collapsing
into that left foot
but really pressing up
and out of the ground.
Palms can be
together here at the heart
or maybe we send the
fingertips high towards the sky
or even use the right
hand at a wall or a chair,
a piece of furniture
to work on this shape
while breathing consciously.
Wherever you are, inhale,
spread the fingertips.
Embody it fully,
even if you’ve fallen down.
And then exhale, slowly release.
We fall, right?
I think the
practice is a great place
to practice falling
with grace, with acceptance.
Let’s shift and take
it to the other side.
Whenever you’re ready,
palms come together again.
We shift to the right foot,
and inhale,
a little Vrksasana play,
Tree Pose, we lift the left
knee and we take our time here
so that we’re really
connecting to the muscles
that are going to help
us maintain here, right?
We’re not just kind of on
a wing and a prayer like,
“Oh,” holding ourselves.
So feel free to take your time.
Find your focus.
Connect to the good stuff.
Nice, smooth breaths in and out.
Maybe we take the
fingertips up here again.
Thumbs back, pinkies forward,
navel’s drawing in and up.
Strong connection to center.
Strong connection to who we are.
So some days we have
perfect balance, right?
And some days, not so much.
We ride the wave
with the breath, inhale.
If you’d like to challenge yourself,
you can look up.
And exhale, let’s bring it all
back to Mountain Pose, Tadasana.
Palms together at the heart center.
Inhale in deeply.
Exhale completely.
Then walk to
feet hip width apart.
And we’re going
to close here today
so you can walk up off your mat
and into the rest of your day.
Or if you’re needing
a little meditation,
you can come to a seat
after the video’s over
or even lie down in Shavasana.
Inhale, take a deep breath in.
Exhale, relax the shoulders down.
And then inhale in again.
And exhale to bow
the head to the heart.
And maybe you open your eyes
here and see your sweet feet.
Maybe you close your eyes
and feel your sweet soul.
Good on you for
showing up here today.
I can’t wait to see
you again tomorrow.
Until then, take good care.
Let’s do one final
conscious breath in together,
breathe in.
And exhale lots of love out.
And we whisper
(bright upbeat piano music)

Day 10 - Connect  |  BREATH - A 30 Day Yoga Journey

All credits go to Yoga With Adriene