BALAYAM YOGA for Great Hair / Simple & Fast / Hair Rejuvenation / Dr Suresh Somayajula

BALAYAM YOGA for Great Hair /  Simple & Fast / Hair Rejuvenation / Dr Suresh Somayajula

Hello Friends, Welcome to DrSomayajula Homeopathy

Exercise to be done for Good Hair

The Name Speaks for itself

This is an Ancient Technique

By doing this Hair growth
is stimulated while increasing the quality of the hair as well

this is endorsed by Yoga experts
In today’s video we will learn About BALAYAM
When , How , Restrictions, and
Who Should NOT do this
these are some of the details we will learn today
In simple language,

Balayam has 3 steps

1 st step = keeping the thumb out, bring your hands close with the fingers bent.

the FLAT surface of the nails should be touching each other in the 2 nd step

Dont use the TIPS, never !

the flat nail surface need to be brought in contact
3 rd Step = Move the hands forward and backwards, like this
this rubbing movement is what is called BALAYAM

looks very simple ? but this has helped countless people improve their hair condition

so , there are a few Rule & Regulations while doing this
WHEN to do Balayam = Ideally on an EMPTY stomach

First thing in the morning before eating anything is suggested
in the evening, a gap of 2 hrs after eating is necessary before you start doing it
definitely not immediately after eating

HOW long can we do Balayam ?
5 – 10 mins per round and a maximum of 30 minutes per day

“Excess of anything is harmful” –Sanskrit proverd

no mater how good the exercise is, over doing it will cause harm

best to do balayam, 10 Mins in the morning and
10 mins in the evening

Avoid doing it for longer durations

another important instruction,
before rubbing the nails
apply moisturizer or oil to the fingers and the nails
if available
Almond oil or
Castor oil

or else Coconut oil are the best options

this will increase the efficacy of the process

please remember, do not be Rough when doing this, be gentle yet Fast on your Nails

and not the tips but the flat of the nail
Who should AVOID doing this Balayam ?
Every exercise has its own set of restrictions

those who have HIGH blood pressure/BP

or are using Medications to regulate the Bp
Such people should NOT do Balayam
Those who have had a Heart surgery or are have Heart related ailments should also avoid doing Balayam

anyone who had a fever / an exhaustive disease in the last couple of weeks

and are still recovering from it .
should NOT do the Balayam

any infection in the body like Appendicitis, Pneumonia, other debilitating health conditions

are a contraindication for Balayam
Pregnant woman should strictly AVOID doing balayam

people with an infection/disease of the nails or anywhere on the skin should ideally avoid balayam

these are the conditions where Balayam should be avoided
and such people should not force balayam onto their body
as it will create complications rather than improve their hair

this is doubly true for people with high BP

If we understand the reason how Balayam Helps the body, then we can easily understand why these restrictions are in place

the nail bed has nerves endings which

are connected to the brain and the the basal membrane in the hair follicles
if you watch the previous video on how a hair grows, you will understand this better

the nails are connected to the hair follicle [ exerts from yoga experts]

when we rub the nails, the basal membrane and he hair follicle
are stimulated and are encouraged

to grow by the increased Blood flow to the area

when blood flow to an area is increased
that area receives increased oxygen supply and also increased nutrition

iron, protein, calcium, etc all are increased

in such a state, wouldnt the hair grow better

naturally and radiantly
the texture of the hair, color, shine, etc all will be improved

in some cases , the hair follicles which have become inactive
those can be reactivated
to trigger regrowth of hair
Please remember, if the hair follicle
is completely dead , and the skin has become hairless
Balayam will not be able to reactivate / regrow hair in that area.

if anyone suggest contrary to this, it is false.

what are the main advantages of doing Balayam
hair will have better Lusture/shine
Hair growth rate is increased

Anagen stage of the hair follicle is preserved for a longer time

hair fall is reduced
premature graying of hair is controlled

darkening of the previously grayed hair is also noticed in some instances

those people who get frequent bouts of headache

regular balayam , has been said to reduce the frequency of the headaches

Balayam is an exercise
doing it for a few days and getting dissappointed when you dont see results

Balayam should be done for atleast 6 months before
before coming to a conclusion on the efficacy of the exercise

generally balayam is done along with other forms of hair treatment for better results
as the root cause has to be addressd

like thyroid
deficiences have to be addressed
we have also suggested some homeopathic medicines in the previous videos
along with all of these, balayam should be used as an adjunct
diet precautions based on their Dosha– Vata/ Pitta/ Kapha
have to be dealt accordingly as suggested in our previous videos

example- vata pacifying diet along with balayam
then the results will be magnificient

if you have any further doubts

regarding hair or Balayam, feel free to comment and ask

wishing you beautiful hair and health

BALAYAM YOGA for Great Hair /  Simple & Fast / Hair Rejuvenation / Dr Suresh Somayajula

All credits go to Drsomayajula Homeopathy